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Heller v Darkness

By PatrickBrown
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Having just played through Darkness 2 and Prototype 2 side by side I thought to myself "Wow those two main characters would make a good clash!" And this is what I came up with, I loved both games, especially Prototype's massive open world!

I know it's been a while since I've posted something like this, to be honest I've had a bit of a drawing block. But I'm getting back into it now. More to come soon!

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Man I forgot about these video game characters you know. when you think of video game characters some of the first things that would come up is Mario, Sonic, Kratos, Master Chief, and Joel but I forgot how cool these characters were I definitely prefer prototype 2 instead of darkness but I think they were both cool looking games. I want a prototype 3 game though
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This is just Epic wrk!

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I loved Prototype 2!
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Looks badass. Fantastic work.
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i like the background color
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OMG SO COOL!!!!!!!!
What if heller wins the fight and consumes Jackie? If that ever happens then the result would be an unstoppable nightmare! Just thinking about it gives me the chills!
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the prototype and the darkness, nice!
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Its very cool bro
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jakiee wins!!!
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Rules of nature!
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Fucking AWESOME!!!
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It's a stalemate.
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You guys need to make the distinction between the game version of Jackie and the Darkness and the comic book version. The original comic had his powers at an unthinkable level that would probably be way too much for heller to handle.
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I have to say Heller. I know "the darkness wont let Jackie die" and whatnot but that's boring. Heller regenerates tissue and can reassemble himself from a single cell. Heller is essentially superman level strength with a body that is entirely weaponizable. They're both basically on the same level invincibility wise but Heller is much stronger and being a ranger and whatnot has much more training in hand to hand combat. On a side note, say Heller absorbs Jackie and gets darkness powers (as him and Jackie would become the same being), or by some miracle jackie survives and gets away with the virus and gets prototype powers. Id be interested to see the ultimate badass that was produced. No matter who the victor would be fun to watch.

Regardless, awesome work. 
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DUDE! FREAKING BRILLIANT! Those are two of my favorite games!
Awesome! This would be interesting if this actually happened...even if they fight Alex Mercer.
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ThE DarKneSS JacKiEE :D
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Id pay to see this!
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