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Grand Theft Auto V sketch

By PatrickBrown
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I just thought I try and draw this guy, there's no official info yet that this is our main character of GTA V accept for this: [link]

So I thought I'd give it a shot and see how I can make him look. Hopefully we get some real info about the main character soon, I'm very curious to know all about him and more about GTA V. I'm so excited about this, GTA V is going to blow everything out of the water ;)

Let me know what you think :D
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WoW!! the picture is so amazing!! I really like Michael on GTA V. He is my favourite character.

Well done, PatrickBrown!!
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that's a really great. drawing
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It's Michael de Silva
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"You don't say?
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the only character I really want to play as
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I always thought that he was Tommy.
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Michael: A highly successful bank robber who retired and settled down in one of Los Santos's more affluent neighborhoods. A family man with a strained relationship with his kids and an uncaring wife who is forcing him to get back into the heist game do to her rampant spending.
[link] Enjoy it before it get's pulled. It's a good read.
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The characters were revealed today all 3 that you play are neither from previous GTA's tho they make me think of the main characters from III, Vice City and San Andreas.
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What an angry man
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Might this will be the main character , but , also will be more playable characters also .
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I love your style!!!!
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Es Tommy Vercetti pero mas grande (Paranoid)
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Wait is this really digital? Sure looks like pencil to me! Awesome picture regardless, love the chiseled look!
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Apparently this is the protagonist and his name is supposedly, Albert De Silva or Salva?! And replying to @Mosadh, this is a quote taken from an official leak along with tons of rumours - "The protagonist is one character and one character alone."
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Apparently his name is Albert De Silva or Salva?! And he is the protagonist and in reply to Mosadh, this is a quote from an official leak alog with tons of rumours - "The protagonist is one character and one character alone"... :)
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great bro... people say that he is tommy vercety from vice city...
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you play as more than one charater in gta V y everyone think it's only this guy amazing artwork though
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DO u not think that theres a reason why they didnt tell us. Maybe rockstar decided to release the trailer to see the reception of the characters. In other words the main character could depend on the reception of the trailer because rocktar handnt decided yet. On a personal not i hope its this white guy, playing as a black guy would remind me too much of classic san andreas.
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Everyone seems to think that this guy will be Tommy Vercetti or Claude. Me? I think it'll be a completely new character.
Cool Sketch by the way!
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love how he squint his eyebrow
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He reminds me of Thomas Jane, especially the profile picture.
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i love the drawing but i dont like the character from the new gta5 idk y
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