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Grand Theft Auto V

By PatrickBrown
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Now that we have official info and screens on GTA V I could finally work on something special for it! As most of you know I'm a massive GTA fan, most of my gallery is fan art on GTA :D So I couldn't ignore the chance to really focus on a big piece for GTA V.

I love the fact that GTA V will have THREE main characters! I love that, so I wanted to show it in one pic, as you can tell Trevor (front) is already my favorite character haha! With this picture I really wanted to give off the vibe that Rockstar Games have pulled off in the game, it's so vibrant and full of life! So I had to try my best at that and get the LA vibe.. or Los Santos in this case..

I hope you all appreciate this, I'm very excited fir the game! Only six months to go I think :woohoo:

- Patrick Brown
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Cool war of gangsters.
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Hai, would you consider making a tutorial of gta-styled drawing ? I'm 100% sure that everone would be so grateful for it.
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Its dont exist a obey cabrio but nice work
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This is so cool, but where's Franklin?
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Love all of your GTA artwork, but this is one of my personal favs.

Love the face the woman driving the 9F is pulling! :-D
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holy crap this is amazing. I didn't know the artist for GTA was on deviantart. awesome.
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Who's in the fighter jet?
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HI Patrick, I am a big fan of yours, I just love your drawings, there are amazing. I'd have a few questions if you dont mind and if you can help me :) I jost got myself a tablet, how do you make your background so perfect in space, so much details and all in the right position and angle. I struggle with this a lot, I can make it fine but with too much pain and calculations.
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Is their a way to download this because I want this as wallpaper. This is the best GTA art I had ever seen:D
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Heart  SHITZU!!!!! Headbang!  yeeaahhhhh Fear the katana! 
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the game needs to be this epic not that it isn't 
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