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Grand Theft Auto IV Finale



FINALLY! Wow that took forever to do, with work being pretty busy and other work too I found it very hard to have a good drawing session where I could focus on this all at once. But here it is, I'm glad I stuck to it, you know how much I love my GTA IV :D

This will most likely be my final GTA IV piece now that GTA V ( [link] ) is on it's way ;) I'll be doing a lot of artwork on GTA V in the near future, so you can count on that!

With this piece I wanted it to feel action packed yet moody at the same time, so I thought why not do the old walking away from an explosion scene.. Only Niko is too badass so I had him walking "into" an explosion instead :D

Also this is kind of a remake of 2008 version:

I've never really stopped playing GTA IV since it's release in 2008, I just never got tired of it. It's been a good run but now it's time to move onto bigger and better things with GTA V :woohoo: I just wish it would hurry up ;)

Enjoy, and let me know what you think!

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The finale of Grand Theft Auto IV, titled "Out of Commission," is one of the most memorable and action-packed missions in the game. It serves as the climax of the main storyline and involves several key characters, including the protagonist, Niko Bellic, and his cousin Roman.

Here's a brief overview of the mission "Out of Commission":

**Objective:** In this mission, Niko Bellic is determined to confront and take down the game's primary antagonist, Dimitri Rascalov, and tie up loose ends in his quest for vengeance.

**Location:** The mission starts in Broker and involves various locations throughout the city.

**Key Characters:**

- Niko Bellic: The player-controlled protagonist.

- Roman Bellic: Niko's cousin, who has been kidnapped by Dimitri.

- Jimmy Pegorino: A prominent figure in Liberty City's criminal underworld.

- Dimitri Rascalov: The main antagonist, who has betrayed Niko multiple times throughout the game.

**Plot Summary:**

The mission begins with Niko and Roman heading to the wedding of Roman and Mallorie Bardas, Roman's girlfriend. However, the wedding is interrupted by an unexpected betrayal from Dimitri Rascalov, who orders an attack on the ceremony. In the chaos, Roman is shot and seriously wounded.

Niko and his friend Little Jacob then set out to exact revenge on Dimitri. The player is tasked with navigating through a warzone of enemies while chasing Dimitri across various locations in Liberty City. This includes a thrilling boat chase along the city's waterways and intense gunfights.

The climax of the mission occurs on an old cargo ship, where Niko confronts Dimitri in a final showdown. Depending on the player's choices throughout the game, there are multiple outcomes to this confrontation. One possible ending has Niko killing Dimitri, while another has Niko sparing him but ultimately leading to his downfall. The choice you make can significantly impact the game's ending and Niko's future.

After this intense mission, the game's storyline continues to its conclusion, with the player facing decisions that determine the fate of various characters and ultimately shape Niko's destiny in Liberty City.

"Out of Commission" is a dramatic and action-packed finale that ties together many of the game's story threads, providing players with a satisfying conclusion to the main narrative of Grand Theft Auto IV.