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Good Old Wolverine

By PatrickBrown
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HA HA now this guy right here...... is actually my dad!

For years i've alway's told him he needs to either brush his hair or get a good hair cut..... then me and my mates came up with a name for him "Wolverine"....

It was real funny at the time! so i thought i might see what he would look like as Wolverine!

Even though he's a good 52 years old.... I still think he pulls it off!
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Devil-Mech-IronsHobbyist Traditional Artist
this is why superheroes try not to lose themselves.
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01jebedeeahHobbyist General Artist
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XodiachHobbyist General Artist
Old Man Logan is legit one of my favorite stories by marvel. Great piece man.
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CJRockyProfessional General Artist
its like older than old man logan! hahaha love this!
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This is epic, bub! Do ya mind, if id actually write a short story based on the pic? :D 
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ChristhegeekyartistHobbyist Artist
Gotta love the beer gut on him XD. Excellent work! :D
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Greenleaf1075Hobbyist General Artist
Love it!!!!!!! Looks just like Wolverine!!!
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c0rwynProfessional Writer
"Old Man Logan", I meant... And now I see plenty of peeps had already pointed that out... lol Bet it gets tired after the first 2 or 3 times. haha. My bad.
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c0rwynProfessional Writer
Mark Millar did a bad ass story arch called "Old Man Wolverine" with art by Steve McNiven. That's what I thought this was at first. It being ur old man gives it more meaning, tho. Cool shit. =]
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woooooAAAAwww DUUUDE!!!!!!!!
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That'll teach ya ta stay the f&#k off my lawn.
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normanWaalsStudent Digital Artist
I really love the lighting in this piece!
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AwareWeaponHobbyist General Artist
old-verine XD nice design :)
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wolvy needs to get a diet lol
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Reminds me of that Old Man Logan Comic. Great work man.
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DaveAtzeProfessional Digital Artist
hell yea! this is awesome!!
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ponetiumHobbyist Traditional Artist
amazing one!
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LOL in Wolverine years I'd guess about 200 years old
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LordBabeskullProfessional Digital Artist
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You kids get off my lawn!
*start cutting lawn with claws*
lol awesone job
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DSkehan2004Hobbyist Traditional Artist
really really old wolverine lol
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i think it would be cool if you did a piece based on all the marvel charcters but instead of them being normal they are all old. so an old hulk, wolverine and so on....
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old man logan, much respect
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