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GTA: Vice City 2011

Finally it's complete :D I've been doing this for ages but work has been so busy I haven't had much of a chance.

This is my vision of a modern Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, you'll notice I've added the old characters and made them as they should look in 2011..

- Tommy Vercetti.. Ok so we don't know him any further than 1986, but just for fun I gave him a little extra weight... And maybe a little less hair up top ;) The faded shirt had to be done.. I mean come on.. He's had the shirt for 25 years (game time)..

- I made Ken Rosenburg very similar to when we last saw him in San Andreas based in 1992.

- Phil Cassidy looks like he did in GTA III which was based in 2001.

- I've even added Fernando Martinez working his magic as always.. I didn't really make him look too old because we don't really know what he looks like anyways, my only reference is the artwork from the Emotion 98.3 soundtrack cover. Lets just say he ages well..

- Yeah you'll notice Niko Bellic in the background eye-balling that Infernus ;) When will the 'jeckings' end haha!

Well I hope you all enjoy, and lets all hope that Rockstar's next GTA will be a re-do of the amazing city of Vice :woohoo:
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Tommy would be 70 rightnow, damn he is old.

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still awesome!

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Since Tommy Vercetti was born in 1951, the year that this artwork takes place in 2006.

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And here is his number one fan and protégé, Vercetti-chan.
Vercetti-Chan by nitrogameboy219  
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tommy vercetti fat and old! 
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Nice to see Tommy and Ken finally put their differences aside.
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looks that tommy has eaten a lot of NUMBER NINEEES
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He is now 62 in 2018
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He will be back in GTA 6. I just know it. Around 2019-2022.
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He literally cannot come back, it's impossible.

GTA 6 will take place in Vice City, but the closest thing we'll have to Tommy Vercetti is a few easter eggs and references, nothing more.
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I don't believe in that... that he will be easter egg. I mean he is the boss of the city.
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He *has* to be at least an easter egg

It is *literally* impossible for him to return as a character, it doesn't matter if he's the boss of the city, this is what Rockstar chose to do in GTA 4+DLCs, continued in 5 and Online. They won't undo a rule they've set just to have Tommy.
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It's kind of unlikely for Vercetti to return. Ray Liotta (his voice actor) had a dispute with Rockstar Games, so they will have to give him a new voice actor if they wanted to put him in.

Fun Fact: He was planned to return in San Andreas, but got scrapped. Ken Rosenberg also tries to call him in "The Introduction" but is unable to do so because Vercetti is refusing to take his calls.
hi , can i use your art for YouTube thumbnail ? of curse i link you !
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What will the vice city hero do next?
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Say if they decide to develop a new gta game set in vice city decades later, and tommy, living the high life, returns after being out of the game for so long and then what? A team up with main characters since gtv5?
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you know you'd pay top-dollar to play that, i know i would!
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I used to love this house. Perfect for blowing up helicopters and and shooting cops without being shot back. 
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Did you ever decide what Lazlow and Gay Tony were caught doing? :) It's implied I know, but I am curious. Still probably my favourite image on DeviantArt.
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is it an officer without an arm?
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