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FEEEWWW! That was an effort :D
I must say this is definitely the BIGGEST piece of artwork I've ever done..

I'm afraid to say this took me over 25hours.. But I loved making every part, It was so enjoyable making this, especially the background..

I'm glad I decided to make the scene in The Malibu from Vice City, I was so close to having a "gaming scene" but this is more related to the characters..

Now, if your interested in how the story works in this, read ahead.. Otherwise just scroll to my last words :D

- I really wanted to link all the characters in some way based on what has happened in the previous GTA games..

- So as you can see Tommy Vercetti (Close left) is acting like he is THE BOSS! Haha that's because he is, he owns The Malibu, remember back when playing Vice City?

- As for Niko (behind Tommy) he's working for Tommy and is asking him if he wants Vic dead for a price (remember, if it pays, Niko does it..) No one should fool around with Tommy's girls ;)

- CJ (third) is fighting with Claud Speed from GTA III, if you remember back in San Andreas at the end, CJ gets a call from Catalina who had a little thing for CJ. She dumps him over the phone and says she with Claud now..

- BUT Claud trying to tell him how she's a back-stabbing bitch for blasting the crap out of him with a shotgun in GTA III :D

- Now Toni (back) is about to beat the crap out of Claud for killing Salvatore Leon back in GTA III..

- Vic is basically just trying to have a good time and stay out of trouble (just like in Vice City Stories) but trouble always finds him :D

- Now the two new guys Huang Lee and Johnny Klebitz, I couldn't actually have them doing much because I don't know anything about the games yet.. But basically they are trying to get pissed :D

Anyways I hope you all enjoy it..
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Ooo yeah, Huang my best character! thx!

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Who’s the woman?
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I don't think CJ would react like that. He was never in love with Catalina in the first place. Great picture though. LOved it
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CJ said "That mute asshole! That snake without a tongue!" which was referring to Claude ripping him off when promising him a pink slip for winning the race but really giving him a crappy garage.

Plus Claude gave CJ an intimidating look when CJ was just trying to get Catalina to back off from hitting his car for example.

So CJ has at least some grips with Claude.

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Precisely. CJ was mad because he was deceived by Claude for the pink slip, not because Claude took Catalina from CJ. Here in the description the author notes that CJ is fighting Claude cause of Catalina, which isn't true. CJ was actually annoyed when he kept receiving phone calls from her after they went their separate ways.

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Love the work you've done here, mate. Keep it up!
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Lol Cj And Claud still Got Beef
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Even tho Catalina Tried to kill Claud at the beginning of gta 3
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Honestly CJ should be grateful.
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victor wants dat booty
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you know, im not happy that people makes CJ fights claude just because of some scenes...
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I like to think CJ's just pissed that Claude had not killed Catalina way earlier. Really though it makes sense if you play that game, Catalina was such a bitch to CJ and with how much she rubbed in his face that she was with Claude, I think the dude would have some resentment.
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CJ was not pissed, he didn't had a friendship or enemyship with him.
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Though really the big part about this is that it's fanart and you can add whatever interpretation you really want since the point is just to show all these badass protagonists hanging out so if you don't want to think about CJ and Claude fighting because of Catalina? Just think of a standard bar fight like maybe one person got so shitfaced they kind of overstepped some boundaries and before they know it, fisticuffs break out.
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yeh, you right, my bad.
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So amazing great work on this. GTA 3 and 4 protagonists are my favourite they are awesome I can't choose. Amazing and added to favourites :)
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Did you know gta means grand theft auto has increased libido to play video games
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nice man
tommy's the boss they'll learn not to mess with best
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he buyed the club malibu
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Just notice: Claude from GTA3 is not Claude Speed from GTA2
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i know that even though i never played gta2 
but he does have similarities 
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So where is the part 2
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