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January 17, 2009
GTA IV: Man on a Mission by ~patrickbrown. This is a fun and amazing tribute to Grand Theft Auto. There is so much detail to be seen, and the artist did a wonderful job ensuring that we felt how huge this game world really is!
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GTA IV: Man on a Mission

FFFFEEWW!!! That was a mission..

Haha I guess I just can't get enough of GTA IV fanart hey? Well I wanted to do something different for once, to challenge myself. This was really time consuming, but I loved every minute :D

I wanted to capture the game as it is, to really grab the city and the life of it and show it in one single scene.. By using reflections and shadows I've tried to make it seem like there IS more around that you can't see.. BIG learning curve :D

- Done in about OOOOOOOOH 20-25 hours
- Photoshop CS2/ Wacom Tablet

Haha you can tell Niko's been driving that car behind him hey? That's actually my fave car in the game :D

Please let me know what you think?
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Niko, it's Roman. Let's go bowling.
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can i print a shirt with this design?you can sell it?
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Niko, let's go bowling.
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Saber GT nice my favorite car is the stallion I love the design of it Ps what is ur favorite radio station in the game?
Stubbornkizer's avatar
I think he's talking to a hot chick
MrNuclearPsychopath's avatar
Wanna go bowling? Lenny Lenny Lenny 
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I think Niko is gonna take that Sabre GT Turbo right behind himself after he finishes his conversation...
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Awesome piece of art man!, you just capture the intense feeling of being in Liberty City xD for real man, damn amazing!!!
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Roman: Hey Niko let's go bowling
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LCPD looks suspiscious
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Roman: "Cousin, lets go bowling!"
Mission: Bowling for the 57th time.
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Gotta love the Russians for "Originality" :D
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gotta love those Russian criminals using other people's work for advertisements
Dude. You have fans in the Mafia. Check it:

Megasxlrfan5's avatar
PERFECT :D XD but not as a bad driver as me, there would be blood on mine
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Very nice :) How do you do those buildings?
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