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Damn I can't wait for this game!

I had the urge to create some more fanart, and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to do something on this game..

I've learnt alot from doing this one, although I was trying to get the same feel from the official wallpapers for the game, I've never done something with this much mood and grunge..

- All done in Photoshop CS2 (except for the sketch of course)
-Wacom Graphics Tablet was used
- Done in roughly 10-11 hours

Let me know what you think, do you like it?
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“this is man-fucking-another-man manly shit” - AKindAleWar

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My favorite gears of war game. Great job.
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What did you think of it?

I think it's the best of all.
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Strain those neck muscles!
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Gears of war: the king of gray-brown shooters
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gears of war is so awesome 
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I'm getting flashbacks of Mr. Monogon.
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I would totally buy this as a poster if it were available.
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CHAAAAARGE!!! [sound of chaisaw]
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the style looks familiar i want to say it looks like a style in one of the batman cartoons but hey to each artist his own very nice work
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Why you don't put some art in the contest of GOW3??? that would be AWESOME!!!! I LOVE YOUR ART!!! :dance:
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Nice! :D

He Looks Constipated Though. :|
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That face=ROFLMAO
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Your style in this drawing reminds me of the way the Shank video game is drawn :D
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Oh what a kickass game! Can't wait for Gears Of War 3!
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Marcus Fenix is fuckin' beast.
Great job!
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yes men a lot because is very nice web you kill the brumak and the little dammit so cool web you are in the locus's base are good....

But i dont like the part when carmine die...
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