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Fallout 4

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I am so excited for Fallout 4, I'm a MASSIVE fan! What better way to display my excitement than to show a Deathclaw ripping a Raider in two!!! No number of Stimpacks are going to fix that one!
I finally got this piece done thanks to the support I've had on Patreon I've been able to put the time aside to work on it, and had an absolute blast with it!

Check out my Patreon:
There's a bunch of new content on there, video tutorials, time-lapse videos, high-res art, original PSDs including layers and heaps more! Feel free to show your support, I'd really appreciate it :)

I've got some big plans for upcoming fan art, Deadpool is next! Plus I want to work on my Batfleck as well haha!
I hope you enjoy this one, Fallout 4 is only a few weeks away now! 

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nymeriadire's avatar
nymeriadireStudent Traditional Artist
Wow totally epic and outstanding!! :heart:
Gynandromorph's avatar
GynandromorphHobbyist General Artist
Looking at Fallout today…
maymayXD's avatar
Rip In pieces raider no.78
dabigboss888's avatar
dabigboss888Hobbyist Digital Artist
joebotzer's avatar
joebotzerProfessional Digital Artist
cislunar-anna's avatar
I feel as if Dogmeat should be more concerned about the Deathclaw.... :')
This is amazing!
Triggerpigking's avatar
TriggerpigkingStudent Digital Artist
It's Fallout, i'm sure a few stimpacks, some food and a few hours of sleep will fix him right up haha.
ViciousMassMurder's avatar
ViciousMassMurderProfessional Digital Artist
Such an amazing amount of personality on this one.
Scholarly-Cimmerian's avatar
Holy crap, that's an intense image! :XD: Wow :D

But yeah, this really captures the sheer insanity of fighting a Deathclaw. Those guys are real, true monsters in the game! :D
ILuvSmexyShowgirls's avatar
What's even worse? They can fucking dodge mini-gun fire now! Jeebus these things are MONSTERS!
SoundofthedarK's avatar
That's miiighty close for grenades, buddy!
CountHollow's avatar
CountHollowHobbyist Photographer
And here i was thinking that dude would keep it busy so that i could set up my next move.. (Thats how i see it anyhow)
NECRON74's avatar
This is very good. I like how the deathclaw seems to be smiling at the VD/SS. 
PetoriusRex's avatar
PetoriusRexHobbyist Writer
THAT is awesome! Darn Deathclaws anyway...always chewing on things. :)
fecler's avatar
I love the smug fucking grin on that deathclaw. XD 
Good shit man! 
tuneb0x's avatar
Fucking awesome man. Very realistic!
Classic-Dave's avatar
Very epic. Poor Raider (not really) XD
EndiDraws's avatar
EndiDrawsStudent Photographer
And yet, Dogmeat would survive
Bluesplendont's avatar
I have little to zero luck when it comes to killing those things.
bboyshadow's avatar
Please dude, how in the name of God have you done the scales? I mean, the ditails, the shining, the shading. Just...HOW????
caramel-man's avatar
caramel-manHobbyist Digital Artist
If only we could make such cool looking characters in game. Oh well, mods to the rescue I suppose. Amazing work, as always! :)
ThoughtsandWonders's avatar
The Sole Survivor looks like Booker DeWitt(Bioshock Infinite)
rockstarcrossing's avatar
rockstarcrossingHobbyist General Artist
Raiders are narcissistic cunts who wander the Commonwealth, calling you a "rookie" and saying you're making your last mistake. Then you will just fucking kil them with a Fat Man and it'll all be over soon. For THEM.
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