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Fallout 3

I couldn't help myself, after playing Fallout 3 (PS3) I just had to make some artwork on it!

This is basically what my character looks like in the game.. I tried to make him look like Jason Statham hahaha! And the dog (Dogmeat) is sooo cool, It's one of my favorite features about the game.. Just scoping out the wastelands, just me and my dog haha!

- Done in about 15-20 hours
- Using Photoshop CS2/Wacom Graphics Tablet

I really suggest getting Fallout 3! I LOVED IT!

Comments would be highly appreciated ;)
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they should put dual wielding in the next Fallout!!! 
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I asked somebody if they knew about Fallout, and the guy said this hilarious answer.

"Fallout is gay" like he thinks it's a person XD
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Fallout is gay?!

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I... I have no words...

Just awesome.
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Some time ago I was watching some GTA walkthroughs, and the artwork for the thumbnail was very similar to your style. Did you make something like that for "GTA-Series Videos"? btw awesome artwork ;)
HFJ13's avatar, let's all remember, this kid is 19 YEARS OLD.
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I have always loved your lineart style and you inspired me to get into digital art, so thank you :)

Fallout 3 is my favourite game of all time
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Niko Bellic, is that you? XD
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Where do you find dogmeat?? I've been looking for him!
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Looks like niko bellic from gta 4
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...just finishing new Vegas ;)
I can't way to see your take on the Courier!
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It looks awesome :p
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He looks like sips
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i was just thinking that
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One of my favorite games.  I also love New Vegas.
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I watched a friend of mine play past getting Dogmeat. Once he entered the city, Dogmeat decided to go swimming in the river and died from the radiation. About 10 minutes later, on the opposite side of town, Dogmeat's corpse was seen floating above the water in the distance. It fell into the water a few moments later.
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