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Well, I got back in the mood of things lately and came up with this.. It actually started out among a bunch random sketches I did and thought I go all-out with it!

I thought I'd try some new angles and perspective out, Plus I've used some more textures, like on his skin.. I don't think I've really tried something like this..

Haha I never actually thought of it till right now, but when you look at it, it looks like he's just been shot and is swinging around from the impact.. Maybe my character is in the distance with the sniper rifle or railway rifle :D haha Nah he would have no head if that was me haha..

Anyway's please let me know what you think ;)
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huehuehueheuheu,looks pretty goddamn amazing!
(is it behemoth or something?)
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This picture reminds me of why I love fallout 3 I was replaying it a couple days ago because I was without Internet and I got to the place green mills or whatever it's called and they had a super mutant behemoth in a cage so I snuck around the outside and sniped the generator releasing it then I sniped everyone out of its reach. I love it in games when enemies attack each other it sort of one of those things I live for
cbootz's avatar
Looks awesome, but don't Stop signs usually have eight sides..? 
binkibonsai's avatar
oh man, that face...
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:iconsupermutantplz: : Me SMASH!!!!!!!!
TrueSeb's avatar

Never played Fallout elsewhere around a table, a friend has made it in RPG, I imagine supermutants more green, more banner-like, am I wrong?


KyleShepard313's avatar
they're kind of a mix of yellow and green, when you play fallout 3.
LadyLidah's avatar
I like your art style!
Kimonas's avatar
Nicely done dude! Love the colours youve used and mood youve created :D
whoisfaust's avatar
beyond awesome...your entire gallery is awe enspiring. If I could implant a style and skill into my brain this would be it!
AshleyBlackwater's avatar
This is awesome!, reminds me of borderlands [and of coarse fallout]
Hardvaro's avatar
Seems to be a quite friendly fellow.
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AKrychek's avatar
Is it The Thing from Fantastic Four? :trollface:
mavericktheinsane's avatar
hell no, its a mutaint.
Awesome, I like your interpretation of the super mutants.
*places word bubble that says* THIS IS A JEECKING!
Arbiter10123's avatar
these guys are a pain in the ass to me.
Reaper-of-man's avatar
Definitely not gonna mess with him, its good
xXxSp4rtyxXx's avatar
Hey this is good for "Hold a rifle" practise! :D
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