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Dexter: The Kill

I'm so pumped for Season 4 I had to make a picture of the legendary Dexter!

I was trying for a nice, simple look to the picture. Plus I wanted to try out some new techniques like reflections and shadowing to make it feel like there's more that isn't seen!

I'm starting to figure out making things look distant, by fading it off a bit or making it lighter.. I'm going to use this for alot of future works..

If your not a fan of the series of Dexter, YOU SHOULD BE ;) It's so awesome, I really can't wait for season 4 to start! The first episode was too good!

Enjoy :D
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is that Doakes also i like how you did the tranquilizer instead of how most people do a slide
Quincula's avatar
Saw this work being used here: [link] with no credit given. Though you ought to know.
Nice! Do one with each seasons main bad guy! That would be awesome!
Karmatico's avatar
Fuckin' love it
Kurairan's avatar
a really good series indeed OO though i haven't had the opportunity to watch all seasons =S
but it's so cool OO really cool the way u made the reflections and shadows, it sure gives the notion that he is outside.
AlertedRapierImp19's avatar
Someone looks happy,
lordrogersmith6485's avatar
Love Dexter! Can't wait for Season 7! :)
Warthog-Flammarion's avatar
Dexter es el mejor!!
Kaka313's avatar
I love Dexter! Right now i'm reading books but i want to start watching show. This is great:D
Madex103's avatar
Hehe, the killer outfit! :D
sanposbc's avatar
Season 4 is the best! loving the Trinity killer story!! the best season ever!
i'm glad you got loads of fan art of dexter too!!!!
Rynaca's avatar
FredRubim's avatar
You have a great style.
Saxon-Blake's avatar
IVE JUST RECENTLY BEEN BROWZING THROUGH SOME OF sorry for the caps - and it's brilliant. i love dexter, batman and all that. i envy your skills man. on a note i love the colouring in this one. just saying. brilliant.
Dante8411's avatar
I'm trying to grab the series off eBay.
There's a boycott on to protest SOPA, so I couldn't buy it even if I was willing to pay full price, and my internet's so shitty torrenting takes forever.
rzrust's avatar
Great. It feels like GTA btw... :)
conforimor's avatar
It really feels like a GTA cover haha really nice :D
RuckyArt's avatar
his face make me laugh ..
i dont know why x'D
becsketch's avatar
Love the atmosphere of this and the subtleties of the lighting!
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