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This was my first experience of the game.. True story!

I was just checking out how sweet the graphics looked through the forest until a damn Zombie spooked me, and since I was fresh to the game the closest thing I had to a weapon was a pack of band-aids and a bottle of water.. So I sprinted, and this one zombie was just as quick as me.. I spotted a small town and headed toward it thinking there might be another player there who could pick him of for me with a rifle.. Nope, instead I was greeted by a swarm of Zombies looking for some num nums.

So this picture explains my next 20+ kilometers of running.. Haha I loved it though, strangely! Great game, it'll be even better when it's made into a legit title that's easy to set up.

I also made the main character myself haha, this will be my new ID.. Enjoy!
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Please view, comment, subscribe and share our living-dead tribute, “The Walker!” We were sure to include Easter-eggs like, the space-probe and cement spade from the first NotLD film. For “Walking Dead” fans, Michonne’s Katana can be seen hanging on the kitchen wall. As well as CORAL’s pudding on the kitchen counter! We even threw in a couple of vintage Mustangs!                   
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Hey,great picture btw, but did you know that "last empire Z" took this picture for advertising?
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This so could be art for an "the great outdoors" expansion for the RPG Paranoia.
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Just came here to say that this artwork is being used in a mobile ad for Last Empire-War Z, but I see people mentioned this already... Nearly a year ago?? Holy crap. They're still at it. Sad really.
Awesome art patrick, may i use your art for a thumbnail in a dayz gameplay? obviously i will add a link to credit you in the description of the video thanks and is really awesome
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Just saw this being used in advertising for a mobile game, 'Last Empire: War Z' on twitter. Just wanted to give you a heads up in case they ripped it off! 
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I saw that too, when I was playing shadow fight. I think they ripped him off
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May I use this in a Twitch overlay, if I give you credit for it in my info?
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Yeah, what Fingolfin said:

Is it legit use of the pic for the Last Empire War Z game? Or just ripped outta DA?
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Yeah, I saw that too and I just thought "There's absolutely no way Patrick allowed that. Its not even related in any way to Last Empire War Z as its just yet another Game of War, only with zombies instead."
If anything, I think Patrick needs to have a serious chat with those "developers" about this illegal usage of his artwork.
I'm afraid the game developers stole this. Did you see it, Patrick?
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I hate it when that happens.
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i have just seen this picture being used by an App. was that permitted by you mr. Brown?
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I hear it's actually other humans you'd be worrying about more.
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haha Awesome story. Made me laugh. XD
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A brilliant game with a terrible community.
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I know wholeheartedly exactly how this feels XD absolutely amazing work!
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It's going to be tough to shake all of the zombies off without a gun.Especially if it's Dayz.Those zombies are relentless.
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This artwork is amazing. I love the cartoony look, and the expression on the survivor's face is priceless.
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Awesome illustration! Great energy to your drawings.
I can only imagine how tough surviving would be if Zombies could run. :o (Eek) 
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wow! this is awesome!
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Be thankful it was the zombies and not the players that got you.
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