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Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Hi all! Here's another piece I can now share with you, it was commissioned by DeviantART, Madfire and Fox to help promote a series of motionbooks.
You can check it all out here:…

I hope you like it, I loved doing this one, a big change working with apes and their anatomy, the way they move, it was really cool to try and capture their nature. 

This scene takes place toward the end of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, where Koba and Caesar clash while swinging from the chains, then the whole place falls down around them. Such an epic scene, such an amazing movie!

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Battle of the "damn dirty apes"...

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Great movie, great movie
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In the end, Koba died and war has begin. By the way, great art!👍
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There's a theory that Koba actually survived as there's a post credit sound where there's rubble moving. 🤷‍♀️

that was cut from the movie

crystlevoorhees's avatar

I didn't know that. I never watch till the credits are over unless it's a marvel movie

MEGAPOTAMIA325's avatar
Ceaser, Weak

Koba, Weaker
RJMovieMan's avatar
I remember this from the movie
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sooooo ....<3 <3 
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Wow ! Awesome ! Great job !
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Now that was an epic movie.
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Excellent artwork.

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This Almost Made Me Think Of Hulk & Abomination!
Krampusvon's avatar
I actually think about Venom vs Riot.
HulkKidGaming's avatar
Well Yeah, That Too, I Suppose.
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I think this person may be stealing this 
Theweepingwraith's avatar
Can you do a pic where Caesar is fighting General Thade from the Tim Burton Planet of the Apes please? :)
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expressive work. I like it!
AnaLex847's avatar
Koba: Caesar..weak!
Caesar: Koba..weaker.
LadySionis's avatar
hot damn! please tell me you draw comic books!
MnstrFrc's avatar
C- Trusted Koba, like brother.
K- Caesar brother, to humans!
C- Kill ape? Koba fight for Koba.
C- Koba... belong... in cage.
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Great battle scene of Good vs Evil :) (Smile) 
Marco-the-Scorpion's avatar
That Ape traitor Koba 
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