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Cyberpunk 2077


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Here's some recent fan art, I did it to go alongside the Cyberpunk themed Monthly Project we have going on over on my Patreon. I set a new theme every month, and all us artists come together and draw it. Everyone submits their art and I review and share it, I even do critiques for artists on the higher tier. 

If you're interested, jump on board and join my Pateon:

I've been enjoying the Cyberpunk 2077 game so far, although the bugs are quite prominent, the game is just so beautiful and I'm enjoying the story.

If you want to see some progress shots of this piece, you can see more on my Instagram:…
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StoriesFromNightCity's avatar

I don't have a Patreon...honestly I know nothing about it, is it good? Great artwork by the way! Love it 😀

Galahound19's avatar

Oh now this is awesomely well done

EnzuDes1gn's avatar

I love this Patrick

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ArtFromTheNorth's avatar

Brilliant colours!

aciddmaus23's avatar

really stunning image

squarenuts's avatar

If Trap Jaw (from He Man) had a daughter...

this is a huperions gun?

So pretty and bright!

chaosnorder's avatar

Great work. Bet that version of V is like, "Hands off my ride, gonk, or I'm gonna flatline your butts!"

MrTuke's avatar

Looks great, mate. Great job! :thumbsup:

YgvantheShaper's avatar

If only Cyberware changed your character model this much

JericaWinters's avatar

Great pose. Also, awesome colour choices in this. I love all that hot pink and purple. :clap:

fredgerd's avatar

I sure wish I could actually make my character look like this. No prosthetics in a cyberpunk game is such a bummer.

eraq67's avatar

She looks like Naomi Watts, mate.

DEMarq's avatar

Any chance of Luke Skywalker next, Mr.Brown?

Niggenres's avatar

Is the weapon V's holding is the Nowaki assault rifle from the game?

marios1999's avatar

For a moment i thought it was starfire from teen titans.

DEMarq's avatar

I don't care what people say, this game is fun on the One X.

TurkishJade's avatar

Same here. I've had a couple pop in issue (quick, minor ones) and a silly bug where my car was parked on a hill. I went into a building, and when I came out, the car was straight level, and so the front end was "floating" basically. But it's been geberally really smooth on my One X also. I can't say for base One's though.

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