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Chinatown War

By PatrickBrown
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I can't believe I've actually finished this.. It took forever!!!

This is for those who love any of the Grand Theft Auto series.. I based this on GTA: Chinatown Wars mainly because it's the latest of the series..

I really wanted to use more perspective, even more than my last Lost and Damned pic haha! As you can see Huang Lee has definitely got his 6 star wanted level which I'm sure he'll get out of..

I did consider keeping a similar style to Rockstar Games artwork of the game but I thought I'd make it look more like GTA IV!

Anyways I hope you enjoy this!
Keep an eye out for me, there will be more coming of the new GTA IV episode (when I hear something of it) ;)

Please let me know what you think :D
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Never did GTA Chinatown Wars myself at all before. Tried it out on PSP, but that's about it.

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Easily my favourite GTA game^^
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Chinatown Wars is so underrated.
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If Rockstar made Grand Theft Auto VI, they should include him as playable by either cheap DLC or secret.
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What a splendid piece done here^^ Hope you'll consider makin' some action like scenes! I also hope you'll makin' more sword users like this one very soon!
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I have this game on DSi, it's very amazing!^^
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I think GTA Chinatown Wars is highly underrated.
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GTA Advance also highly underrated.
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I never really cared for that game TBH.
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Mechanic: I found your sword.
Ninja: Where is it?
Mechanic: It's with a maniac with an M4 attacking Chinatown at New York.
Ninja: How did it get there!!!???
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The cop in the background is about to get hit by a tire, and he's not even flinching.
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My first thoughts on using the sword in gta: EPIC 1 HIT KO'S TO YOUR TARGET
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Omg this is amazing QWQ
i love this game like omfg
i played it when I was younger //like 10 or something//
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Way too little neon signs.
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This one can use a remake for the consoles, at least a continuation with Huang...But, the ending was quite satisfying and melancholy. So I guess I'm fine,for now.
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Bububu... Where are the tanks?! D:
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Will we see a lot of GTA V Art Works?
Maybe from Franklin and Chop? c:
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:iconmanbabyplz: i saw this on Google Images! I fucking love this! What program did you use?
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If only rockstar made it for the ps3 with hd graphics
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大赞! The best GTA:CW fan art ever.
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