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Captain America: Civil War

I've been eagerly awaiting this movie, this kept me busy in the mean time, I hope you like it. I learnt a lot of new tricks doing this actually, I'll be sharing them through my Patreon, feel free to help support my Patreon: and get access to a bunch of cool content!

I'm about to see the movie in just a few hours, can't wait! I think I'm more excited just to see the new Spidey haha.
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Who is Black Widow fighting?

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I think she's fighting Sharon Carter
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she's portrayed by Emily VanCamp
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the agent that gave Steve back his equipments, and they kissed in the airport. She is also Peggy Carter's niece
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This is phenomenal!!!

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No side really won the civil war

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>! Awesome !<

great poses and great anatomy!

fiery expressions on everyone's face!

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o.O... awesome work!

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I love this artwork so much
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The movie that brought our o’l friendly neighborhood spider man home where he belongs ...for now... 
Awesome and Epic
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Don't want to nitpick but Agent 13 wasn't in the airport fight 
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He clearly states he hadn't seen the movie yet at the time, so he just guessed wrong about her being there.
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Awesome! Now that is what you call a dynamic warzone!
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What the fuck!?
This is amazing!!
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DAMN!! This is AMAZING!!! 
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"sigh" Why eye candies have to be connected to a theme i hate ??
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