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Campfire Horror Mash


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Horror icons tell spooky stories

Halloween is nearly here and I really wanted to do something to celebrate this year, I've been working on this over the past few months and it's been so much fun, I love horror movies!

I've hidden a bunch of easter eggs from all different horror movies, can you see them all? I'll reveal all of them later in another post :)

This is also available on my official website to buy, if you're interested in getting a high quality digital file that you can then print as big as you like:

I'd also like to thank everyone on my Patreon who support me and make things like this possible!
You can also get access to the Photoshop document and high-res art through my Patreon, along with constant tutorials.

My Instagram:…
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I can't imagine having this much talent, this is insane !!

I can see Michael, Billy puppet's head, axe from "The shining", Freddy Krueger, Pennywise, Predator, Alien, Creeper, It(Alien creature), Jason, Chucky the doll, facehugger, Candyman, werewolf(I don't know where is it from), vampire(I think it's Dracula), monster from "Quiet place",Pinhead, Frankenstein's monster , Ghost from "Scream", and Maguuay from "Gremlins".

Great picture!

Is that axe from shining in the low left part of the picture?

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This is really cool and pretty awesome to see as some of them I've haven't seen the movies in years as I saw each of they're movies and can name them to, but a couple are almost hard to find as I only saw them in other movies I like.

Awesome job out of all the iconic movie monsters my top 2 favourite ones are Alien and Predator.

XenomorphProductions's avatar

My two favorites are here! Freddy and The Creeper

randomdude59's avatar

Love how Michael's just there like: Damnit, I just wanted a relaxing campfire not all this nonsense

KanokRuz's avatar

Las pesadillas de mi infancia volvieron ...!!!

alcides111's avatar

Can you name all the characters and where they came from too.

alcides111's avatar

I had seen half of them from the great movies they are in .

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Kick ASS poster my friend!!! Just INCREDIBLE!!!

JDTcreates's avatar

what a love letter to horror icons. Happy Halloween!

XenoTeeth3's avatar

Im in love with this art piece 😍 Its so flipping cool and there are so many monsters and horror icons on this . Its just … wow

KeIIion's avatar

Do you think it is possible to convert 2D to linear perspective to perfection?

Because I already did it :happybounce::happybounce::happybounce:

Please give it a try, if I am the first one who achieves this it could be something reeeally BIG

Thank you :happybounce:

The Principle of Infinity VERSUS Perspective Tool
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hi I'm James A. janisse and your watching the kill count sorry lmao

SupremeKhi's avatar

Spoooky….. now that’s a crossover 👍🏽👍🏽 epic stuff dude

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