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Big Sister sketch

This is a sketch that I just did for my new BioShock 2 piece. I'm not actually using this pose because it didn't suit the idea of the pic..

I ended out going for a more action/agile pose that shows more anger. I'm really pumped for this one, I could post up the final sketch layout but that would just spoil the suprise ;)

Should have the final by end of next week if I'm lucky!
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Nice work! This looks great. Please check out mine too.

Eleanor Lamb (Bioshock 2)
umbrenox's avatar
this is so awesome!!!! omg!!!!!
TheLittleBoo's avatar
would u mind if i copyed ur sketch and put it on mi deviant art it wont be halfas good as yours ?
krumble's avatar
with your concent, may i use the pose from this character.
nothing will resemble the character apart from the pose
the art work will not be sold and all credit of the pose will go to you :)

this is the character pose i would like to use
DralionDance's avatar
wow I love the way you drew this
IVbenjamin's avatar
I love your pencils :D
bluemage13's avatar
Very detailed and is very recognisable but still I see your own style creeping through. I really like it even without colour. I like seeing sketches, sometimes they have more personality about them.

Amazing :)
RadioactiveSpine's avatar
If you were looking for a more agile pose then you definitely succeeded :D
GideonPARANOID's avatar
Looks excellent! :)
lovelysushibear's avatar
Holy crap!!! Fantastic!!
The-Patchman's avatar
what kind of pencils did you use?
darkchaosempress's avatar
the style suits her well tho..great details^^
EmmaMusic's avatar
This is sooooo awesome! Great details!:D
only-cuz-im-crazy's avatar
this is incredible! Even without color and any sort of backround you managed to capture the big sister perfectly. It's threataning and awkward with just a subtle hint of femininity. bravo and well done
Kirito-Terrance's avatar
truely amazing ..I love how you showed all the details ..very nice
xxCuteEmmyxx's avatar
OMG i love this game so much
I want to do a pic of the big sister and i was wondering if u allow me to use ur pose for do it ?
Cuz i cannot find any idea for pose for her -_-
I will credit u of course
Blood-666-Angel's avatar
that's awesome... I'm doing a big sister cosplay later this year... kickass sketch!
Mirsad77's avatar

but where are the boobies?
thelearningcurv's avatar
this guy definitely looks ready!
Elinewton's avatar
Great sketch!! Really nice!!
Your style is very good!!
epicmoustache's avatar
I'm obsessed with the big sisters, such a cool design :)
Xerces's avatar
very nice sketch! i love all the straps
Nomad1995's avatar
Whoa, really awesome sketch
PS I dunno why but her head reminds me a globe...
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