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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

I definitely learned a lot with this piece, I've never tried that light source before, coming from underneath. Plus all the rain effects and contrast between Batman and the background, kinda something new for me. I also tried a new thing where I rendered him, but then darkened him overall, then added some strong highlights to make him pop, I'm hoping the image didn't come out too dark overall, what do you think?

And again, thanks to all the support over at my Patreon:
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I wouldn't be able to do these kinds of pieces anymore if it wasn't for my patrons, being full-time freelance and all, I'm having a blast with it all. There's plenty more to come soon :)
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Incredibly amazing batman drawing :)

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It's very dynamic. I love it!:la:

omg this is amazing
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He looks SCARY! (chuckles) This is epic!
That’s awesome
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Very good!!!✌
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Padrísimo!! (So, so cool!) Thanks for sharing it.
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Very Good work.. Sherlock Holmes 
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Amazing. You truly captured the essence of The Bat.
you are going to do great things
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I think he is singing:

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This is amazing!!
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I love everything about this piece! Lighting, rain effects and his face! Perfect :) Great job! You sure capture emotion spot on!
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Crazy Steve has never looked better!
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Stunning Dark Knight.
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You're incredible! amazing art!
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Ready to kick some Kryptonian butt.
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In-flight roaring battle moment with storm abounding. The lightning and the light it casts over batman in particular is excellent! ;D
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