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Batman: Arkham City

By PatrickBrown
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Wow that was a big job, I think I've spent the past month on it.. I've been so busy lately that I could only spare about an hour each day on it. But I'm glad I kept at it, I really did enjoy every minute on this.

With only a few weeks away until the release of Batman: Arkham City I just had to create something special for the occasion :woohoo: I am really looking forward to the game! Originally with this piece I wanted to go full on action but since it's my first real Batman pic I wanted to show off his gritty badassery ;) And the details on his suit.

I can't take full credit for the backdrop, it's actually a few different city screenshots from the game put together and blurred off from focus ;) I wanted the attention to be aimed at Batman the most. The background is just for ambient feel.

Anyway I hope you all enjoy this piece. Let me know what you think! :D

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Perfect work inspired by a perfect game.
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only 4 more wheres batgirl
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He is...The Batman... BATDANCE! Dancing batman 
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Exceptional artwork for the last good game in it series. 
ala33's avatar
hahahahhahaha we knew u would come
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Awesome arts, fella. A Bat Among The Pigeons.
zirukurt01's avatar
Seeing too much clowns.
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Okay which one of you got Batman's outfit dirty?
Hmm? Come on which one was it?
Do you know how many hours Alfred have to spent to clean it up?
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Outstandingly great work. 
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Awesome! I still play the game to this day! :D
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Epic badass, stunning art work.
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Batman's the boss!
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Could you do a Human Joker? Like how he was before going nuts. Like with the model of the Joker of Batman Origins.
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Did u get my note
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Batman is the best. So is your art dude!
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Man Im digging your style on these !
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I remember adding this to my faves on my old DeviantArt account ages ago. I love this piece the best. Also love your Dexter and GTA pics as well. You're incredibly talented.
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Probably my favourite game outta all the Batman Arkham series

Just hope Batman Arkham Knight will top it all :D
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i  realy loove this one !!
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I LOVE that expression he has. Like he's just freaking BAITING  THEM to get what the others got.
"Is that all you've got? Come on. COME ON! I'M THE GOD DAMN BATMAN, YOU PUNKS!"
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