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Assassins Creed II

Now this is a great game! I wasn't to sure about it at first because the first got really old too quick.. Very repetitive.
But Assassins Creed II is so much different, it's addictive, enjoyable and impressive!

I just had to make some artwork on it! The first thing that came to my head when brainstorming the scene was a nice high view. It's the best way to portray the game I think, since it's revolved around climbing tonnes of buildings and taking out targets.. I was originally hoping to make him look like an eagle somehow.

The main character Ezio's outfit is awesome too, such an improvement from Altiar's, so it was fun to draw ;)

Anyways enjoy :D

- Photoshop CS3
- Wacom Graphics Tablet
- 15-17 hours to create I think..

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Assassin's Creed is a fun series artistically. I always get excited when I see Ezio running around in the popular deviations page.

Vision: You captured the spirit of the game well. The "bird's (eagle's) eye view" composition is a great idea and gives the audience the feeling that we are actually in the moment. (Though the only way we could see this view was if we were floating midair, too.)

Originality: There really is no other way to make a "successful" AC fanart drawing than a rooftop view, however, including the guard looking up at his attacker is a twist we don't see often.

Technique: Kudos for architectural perspective! The buildings all look like they're standing correctly. I am a student working on perspective in my drawing classes, and I am having a hard time with it, but you seem to have a fair understanding of how things should work. Scale wise, I think the guard looks a tad large. Ezio is leaping from a building that seems like it would be much taller than the roof that the guard is standing on, and I think it would help to establish a greater sense of depth if the guard was made smaller. I see the attempt to capture motion in the fading behind Ezio's cape/hand/etc. Its verrrrrry subtle. I'm not sure how I feel about it.

Impact: This is a successful piece. I like it very much. Thanks for sharing!
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Wow thankyou so much for that, I really appreciate it.. Very honest!

I agree with the guard being too big, I was sitting there for a while adjusting his size, I think I just rushed after a while..

Thanx again
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So amazing work! Just love it :D
Love Ezio Auditore his my favorite character
of all the serie <3 <3 <3 :3
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Amazing movement here. The perspective on the buildings and him in midair/midstrike really turn me on to the picture as a whole. That and it's AC...
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No words...!!!!!
Do you do any tutorials?
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I really respect your energy. I mean, how can you do such a detailed backround!!!!! And Ezio, damn thats a hard bodyposition. AND YOU PULLED IT OF!!! Respect
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The composition on this is fantastic.
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All your pieces are wow, stylistically brilliant and unique, and I don't care for picking on small stuff that doesn't matter except for "you were in the mood to put it there so you did." So who cares! This is art! Not necessarily reality! If I wanted reality, I'd look at a photograph.

This art teacher was saying, "People see things differently. If nobody saw things differently, everybody's drawings would look the same." Who wants that? Not me! I like seeing things from your perspective. That's why I come here.

This piece makes me feel great! Eagle eye view? Go for it! I'll pretend I'm an eagle then. Whoever made a rule about seeing things only from a human perspective when critiquing these things anyway. ;P

I suppose if there's something I feel off about, it's the left stone building. The cracks or splints in the marble? or stone feel a bit scratchy as opposed to thick. Like chicken scratch as opposed to wear and tear. (IF I'M BEING PICKY!) But otherwise, I don't care. For all I know, it could be because I don't have enough experience seeing wear and tear on buildings, or maybe it depends on my mood. And those light green sheets above the center man's head; well, they used to bother me, just the shape irritated me at first, but the more I go back and look at them, the more they're growing on me! Maybe you put them that shape because it fits your style and I don't know your style well enough yet to understand what shapes do and don't work. Gaw!

So there! Hahaha. Btw, if it's not too much to ask (and even if it is), is there a way you could do a tutorial or series of pictures describing how you come up with your body positions etc.? You have some of the best stretchy effect I've ever seen (I think it's called "foreshortening," where one body part is bigger than the rest because the camera, assuming there was one, is closest to that limb, so the picture or body part appears to stretch, thus making it (hopefully) action-packed!). Thank you for letting us all gaze at your beautiful view of the world! (And Assassin's Creedy Weedy.) =P
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Pfft, the look on that guard's face! Priceless...I mean...I cant really see it, but I can imagine what he's thinking. XD
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Whoa! This is awesome. Really nice perspective! :O :D
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Loved the perspective! Keep up with the good work!
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You're one of the greatest artists in deviant art and maybe the world. Seriously you are. Your works of art are breathtaking! Thanks for doing this. Please don't ever stop.:)
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hahahaha! the guard's face!!! hahahahaha!!!
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big fan of assassin's creedMew 
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Words can't describe the sheer badasserrie of this picture!
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FANTASTICO! Wonderful!
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Watch me coming free runing up the walls like a boss
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Assassins Creed = Insanely Epic Parkour ~
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Awesome! Such an amazing perspective! C:
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