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Assassins Creed 3 fan art contest

This was something I came up with for the Assassins Creed 3 Fan Art Competition ( [link] )

But I found out just today that unfortunately it can't be accepted because it's a contest for US people only, I'm in Australia so I'm a bit out of luck.. Ah well.

At least I can show you all now :) Fun to do, I'm definitely doing more, I'm really excited for AC3, only two weeks away now. Let me know what you think!

Also, I forgot to mention before, but the idea for the pose came from Greg Capullo's sketch: [link]
So I can't take full credit for this, only found out about the competition 2 days before so I was in a bit of a rush with this, loved the idea of his pose when I saw it..
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CalebPerkinsArt's avatar
he has a funny leg :)
excellent, go Oz!
Great look of conor ;-)
GL-ZOON's avatar
The view angle!!!
RoseThornThicket's avatar
It's awesome, but the look on his face.....
Connor- Ima kill your whole family........

He's awesome
I love the small details you put into this. For a rush job, it's outstanding.
ErinPrimette's avatar
It looks awesome!
Genie-Man's avatar
Is this how long it took you to complete?? 48hours?? how long were your breaks? this is great work.
clovercarmen5's avatar
i am a bit confused about the position of his other leg 
Kilwin's avatar
TommyTejeda's avatar
Freaking awesome!!!
juniorangel87's avatar
Love this piece! gonna watch your skillshare class soon was wondering if you'll be doing another one like for your color process. where you get your textures or is it custom made? 
Lubie-Lu's avatar
the guy doesn't really look like connor. but still it looks great except for his leg xD
RainbowSplashMAP's avatar
is its leg broken?!?
GotManyHorses's avatar
Holey shit. *jaw drops open and hits the floor* this is amazing!! I love it!!
SpaceStrippers's avatar
wtf is up with his leg it frustrates me so much ;A; 
lvl99tonberry's avatar
This is nice! Super dynamic--and I'm sorry about the contest.
CapUstudios's avatar
whats wrong with his other leg? is it broken?
GhostlyMark's avatar
...i've seen some of your drawings and i think you have the save face syndrome for men
Varvendale's avatar
dudes like....broken....on the ground
SolidPersona's avatar
This is awesome xD
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