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A Geek Out Wedding - Commission

By PatrickBrown
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This was really fun to make, so it's a commission I did for this awesome engaged couple, Josh & Emma, who asked me to be their wedding artist. From the very beginning I was excited about making this happen, not only because I'm a big fan of nearly every element in this, but because it's just such a great idea for a wedding invite! They really wanted to capture their personalities in the invite and show their geeky sides, with all their fave characters bursting out of the invite.

The actual wedding will be following the same theme, which I absolutely love, I think it's quite special that they both have such a similar geeky side about them, and they can make the wedding anything they like, breaking away from the usual traditional themes.

I spent months doing this piece, chipping away at one character at a time, the layout was the hardest part, working out who will go where. I'm glad I can finally share it, I hope you all get a kick out of it :)

You can follow Josh and Emma here:
Twitter:  @geekoutvlogs
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so from this art it seems that these two are voice actors for popular characters because no offense i dont know who these two are

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the best epic mega crossover in the entire universe

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CakecCartoons66Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh hello Impala

I love your art btw I just needed to geek out for a second XD
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KD-LoseAiderHobbyist Digital Artist
The skill level of your art honestly makes me want to cry. 
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BasicVanillaHobbyist General Artist
 this is unnecessarily condescending 

You do know that deadpool saying " I thought we had something special.." has NOTHING do to with making fun/joking about homosexuality right? 
go watch a Deadpool game playthrough;Like hot damn, learn to read context. 

also, why they heck wouldn't they want to dress in a dress and tux if they want to; untraditional does not mean non-binary-gender-conforming >.>

stop hating :U
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BasicVanillaHobbyist General Artist
It's not a stab about homosexuality; switch the bride and groom and the joke remains to same.
Deadpool's humour overall is lewd

It wouldn't be weird to see deadpool say "i thought we had something special!.. but now you're dead, see ya sweet heart!"
To any single one of his enemies.

It's also a reference to how the groom is committing himself to not just his games fandoms, but also to his new wife and they're jealous. It's mirroring the "precioussss" on the other side.
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BasicVanillaHobbyist General Artist

it's just copying Deadpool's style of humor and  it is not even negative! it's not implying homosexuality as being wrong, bad, gross,or anything like that. 
it's 100% sarcasm, being sarcastic about them having something 

like I could say the same thing to any one of my friends " you're going with [X]? and not me? Man, I thought we had something special D; ; nah, just kidding have fun." 
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ShazamWOWHobbyist Digital Artist
This is why I really despise the DeviantArt and Tumblr communities, just full of butthurt people who complain about everything without any reason.
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BasicVanillaHobbyist General Artist
I just did :U twice 
No you wouldn't just any female on him, but you WOULD see female deadpool doing that
it's because it's deadpool
deadpool makes silly jokes like that ( even in the movie!) 

literally if it was pre-experiment deadpool, the joke is the same! where the heck did you get the idea that the joke revolves around deadpool's chemical-ridden face?
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To heck with traditional! Time to spice things up!
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KurvosVickyHobbyist Digital Artist
... call me crazy, but those wedding clothes are awfully traditional if you ask me.
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BlueYoukaiHobbyist General Artist
This is priceless.
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genny03Hobbyist Digital Artist
If Pac man married someone, i chose jigglypuff :3
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genny03Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, amazing
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Pure purrrfection, this one! :D
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poptarteater123Hobbyist Digital Artist
Can I have one
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ShadowDeeStudent General Artist
This artwork is truly pure awesomeness!
All these details make it special.
Great work man, thanks for sharing :D
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EncyesHobbyist Traditional Artist
So friggin-A jealous. Wish I would have thought of that when I got married. Awesome piece, friend!
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Doctorwholovesthe80sHobbyist Writer
That is both awesome AND romantic!
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ArteSusannaStudent General Artist
Wow, this is an awesome collage!
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