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The Man of Steel

my coloured version of: [link]

flats also available here [link] if you want to have a go at colouring it! =]

Hope you like!

Updated version - more shading to the right, more highlight to the left and texture to the top... hope it does it for ya ;]
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I have no other words for it. ^_^
Awesome! what program did you use for this?
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I don't know why, but I'm simply fascinated by Clarks eyebrows.
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do you think he needs to pluck them?
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Naw, it just tickles me silly that even the Man of Steel has Manly Eyebrows.:D
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Very cool. Great shading and muscle work
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=D thank you very much =D
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Such a beautiful work.
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thank you very much =D
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   This is actually a good piace, if it seems a little incomplete.  With the shadows and all, I'm getting a feel of the Max Fleischer Superman cartoons of the 1940s, although the "S" decal on his chest is from the modern version (Max rendered it red-on-black).  It looks like you're going for the metallic Spandex* lighting here.

* I know of one professional artist who virtually cringes when you speak of "Spandex" in connection with superhero costumes.
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thanks for your insight!
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Exllcent one of Supes here
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