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Life, what is it but a dream?

Made for :iconkaremelancholia: yellow love story [link]

Chapter 12 in ‘Through the looking glass’ by Lewis Carroll
The final two lines are

Lingering in the golden gleam --
Life, what is it but a dream?

In Karemeloncholia’s Yellow love story I think I see many allusions to both ‘Through the looking glass’ and’ Alice in wonderland’

I chose to interpret the story with that in mind.

We all think that we would be better off somewhere else from time to time, the unfortunate amongst us make that an extremely final reality.

I give permission for all Mods in the DA Loving Day to use image for this event only.

All images used either my own or in the public domain.
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Your work is outstanding! <3
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Stunning work and well composed. I like the colour palette in this one especially.
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it is really wonderful!!!
your ideal looking-glass is absolutely marvelous!

i love your work :)
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Wow, this is gorgeous !
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Thank you Gale :bow: praise indeed from a master of gorgeous!
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:clap: BraVoOo(:o !! !
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Featured in my Journal here [link]

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I love the title you gave this. Nice work on the pic!
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So beautiful!

This time I have to say also that your gallery is very intresting and I will enjoy it sometimes to so more of your fantastic works.
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I've featured this creation in my August Visual Art Features.

Check it here : [link]
This feature is also in the news so more views for you ([link]).
Please check it to view other's art and fave it if you like it!

:new: Looking for a contest? they are all here : [link]
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I may in fact be tempted to favourite nearly your entire gallery :D this is gorgeous, your art has the look of an old golden painting, and most look this way, giving it that authentic fantasy glow <33
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Thank you so much for your nice messages 'Velvet'
I really do appreciate you taking the time to comment :nod:
M:boing: :boing:nm:boing:mma :blowkiss:
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you're welcome ! :aww:
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Outstanding art!
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You got the SECOND Place in the Yellow Love Story Contest [link]
I'm gonna note you soon to send your your prizes!!!!!!!!

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I love this one, very cool:) and I love the little bunny rabbit, he looks like he is taking a nappy poo:)
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very lovely picture....!
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OMG I'm becoming a fan of yours !!!!!
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Hy :wave: This is a message to let you know that you have been featured in my journal: [link]
I hope it's ok with you, thanks for sharing beautiful art :love:
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love the colours!
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I adore Carroll's stories; I've worked with them several times and I think they subconsciously stay inside of my in every single thing I try to create. Your work is very beautiful and inspiring, congrats... :D
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