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Oh guys, you're so wasting your submission limits^^;

First of all, when you submit you can see "and submit your ADVERT here" in the name of the only open folder ^^;
Which on its own warns you that if your submission is not an advert, you won't have your submission accepted.

Sadly DA ignored a stash issue reported to them and more and more stash files that are linked somewhere on DA are randomly diappearing on their own. Inculding this group's guide to folders...

right now the rules are put in a shorter and simplier way (I think) and can be viewed in the gallery and in the only open folder, here you can see both at once:…
you can also view what kinds of submission get usually accepted (though some hardly made it^^; ) and try to conclude if yours may fit.

Just remember, ADVERTS - NOT REGULAR ART (no matter how amazing it is!)
You have plenty of groups for regular art and hardly any strictly for advertising!

And NO porn or strong fetish (cenosred or not)! Patreon group - RULES (2018-21), changes for NSFWsWe weren't happy of the overall group's porny feeling... The proportion of porn-advertising submissions is currently way too high in favour of porny submissions, not to mention many violate DA rules.
That's why the group rules are being changed. The group no longer accepts certain sex-related contents it used to accept.


:iconacceptplz: Yes:
:bulletgreen: proper adverts of any kind: Patreon page banners, sales, offers, commission infos, clearly marked previews of non-sexual contents, book/comic COVERS (with the title on) etc. The advert part must take at least about 30% of the image if the image itself is clearly not an advert (watermarks/signatures don't count), or must be an integral part of the image. 
:bulletgreen: we also accept tutorials and step-by-steps (full lineups, not just a standalone unfinished image aka. WIP).
:bulletgreen: regarding NSFW/+18 submissions, the group now accepts ta

PS. Mind you I myself don't really have things to submit here!:P

The group is in an urgent need of new moderators.

The only duties moderators will have are:
* voting on submissions in accordance with the group's submission rules

* is at least 18 years old
* knows and understands the group's submission rules
* can vote at least once a week or two (most of the time)
* has no mental barrier against using Decline on inacceptable submissions
* will decline and possibly report submissions that are against DA's ToS regarding pornography
* will be able to decline images promoting(/showing in good/positive light) morally controversial contents even if they support them themselves. (If it's illegal OR immoral in most of the western countries, please don't accept anything even slightly related to it, e.g. polygamy(and the like) innaccepable vs homosexuality acceptable) - the group should stay a possibly neutral place to as many users as possible.
* won't abuse their post e.g. to smuggle any of their rules-breaking submissions to gain views

Please apply if you consider yourself suitable enough :) (send a note to the group or founder, or comment below)

The bigger the team, the smoother the process - for both the members and the moderators themselves^^
The group needs at least 5 more moderators.
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CHECK THE RULES -and submit your ADVERT here
Future's What We're Fighting for - PATREON teaser by VixenDra
Launching This Month Onna Yushaa Robot Shyranyer G by kabuto-gouki

Mature Content

Patreon Content Jan 2021 Preview by CBear624
[IDV] Forward x Batter by Mokafi
Useful to mark your Patreon stuff on DA
Patreon Supporter Stamp by Kyuchumimo
Patreon Logo Icon Button by Uluri
Patreon logo 2017 - bullet by VixenDra
Patreon Button by Cammerel


<-Seeking for group moderators!

Before you submit, check the

Patreon logo 2017 - bullet by VixenDraAre you a Patron? Are you a Creator?
This group should help you find each other! Check the Creators' list >here<.
Good luck!

Not yet a Patreon member? >>Join<< :)

This group is one of very few groups where you're expected to shamelessly advertise your Patreon and other projects! :)

Use the comment section to advertise as well BUT do not display any NSFW imagery there.


This group is NOT conducted by Patreon staff members!
We are all your fellow creators and patrons!

Please, keep that in mind before contacting the group or Patreon itself!




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8Hotaru8 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ych commission  by 8Hotaru8   ~MY PATREON~ by 8Hotaru8   Commission from Instagram ~ by 8Hotaru8  
VixenDra Featured By Owner Edited Dec 30, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
9 Years Together by VixenDra    I Can Show You the World by VixenDra   Draffectill - Innocent Dreams by VixenDra   Patreon teaser by VixenDra   NSFW Patreon teaser by VixenDra  
Hello, I'm Anna, I make fantasy stuff.

I'm a "greedy" "selfish" creator "guilty" of:
- using Patreon for early access to my art for 1USD/month,
- having Patrons-only content in the form of WIPs and rough doodles unfit for a gallery display, also for 1USD/month,
- occassionally posting general content teasers like the doodles above or small WIP cuts on some social media as previews to my Patreon content. 

If you don't mind that +some explicit NSFW, and would really like to see more regardless, feel free to enter my lair:

or lynch me here and now if you're with the user below. But leave others at peace and stop guilt-triping them just because you're a butthurt troll:/
PS. I won't respond tho, I have better things to do.
SpideyfanDA Featured By Owner Edited Dec 23, 2020
whatever your website sucks!!! im never gonna join there even if i did have an account i just wanna tried it out to see what so SPECIAL about it but in the end it was a waste of time experience

i mean i get some creators need the money  but theres some other users  who are just greedy and selfish and not to mention  they almost post the good stuff there and just teasing users who cant afford to see the pic behind a paywall
or view stuff exclusevly so this is my reasons i hate your site 

because there are types of Pateron users THAT I ABSOLUTELY HATE That they respectable and selfishly  say  "fuck you"

1: they post first on patreon then later on (in a week/months) they make the content public like this jackass :iconjustanotherravenfan: for example

2: those that post some content public and have some only accessible on Patreon (never public) 

3: those that post Preview on DA/Twitter or pixiv as for the full /alt version is available only via Patreon

4: those that post a zoomed in image with a P  showing 5% of the image/content where in order to access the full version you have to pay to see it

5: if you say no to them they,ll just delete your comments and block you like pricks AND THAT PISSIES ME OFF!!!! 

so in the end I SAY NO TO PATREON!.

VixenDra Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
First of, there is no Patreon staff in this group.
We are just a Deviantart group consisting of regular creators. Don't try to contact the staff via us, it doesn't work like that. It is literally stated in this group's main page.

Are you generally having the same unreasonable karen pretensions towards other contents (books, courses, therapies, Netflix(and other non-free access) series/movies,.. etc.) or it's just the non-corporate artists?

Are you boycotting movie producers for first releasing their work exclusively in theaters (=paid early access), then on pay-to-watch copies before, if ever, having it streamed in, commercial or public, television/vod for you to finally watch for free(or not free) months or years later?
When there's a promo of a food and they give away tiny samples for free (equivalents to previews), are you expecting to get a full meal free as well or to taste all their dishes/products(entirely "pay-walled" contents)?
Or are you one of those who regularly steal testers instead of ever buying a deodorant? (analogy to content leaks) - Because you sound exactly like this.

Our content is work like any other and we deserve to get paid for our skill and labor. We don't magically snap our fingers to make art, we study and practise for YEARS and often spend dozens or even hundreds of hours per image.
Art is a luxury, if you don't like the fact it has a monetary value, noone forces you to access it. It is a creator's courtesy to show you anything of their work, they don't owe you anything, just like any other proffession doesn't.
When you go to a hairdresser or a gig, are you demanding to get free access as well?

Stop treating artists so much worse than other proffessions.
Try to do something productive instead, and maybe try to join us and see how much work it is to get anywhere... if even that, because most of us don't get appreciated in a lifetime no matter how hard we try to get better at art.
Anyone who does get paid for their skill and labor deserves every penny and more.
SpideyfanDA Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2020
Well i got an answer for you
1: I aint gonna join your stupid little retarted website NEVER IN YEARS
3rd: yeah Artists made live work there etc etc and IM glad for those who make GOOD use of it are making money, not some Greedy NFSW selfish pricks who just block you and bully you like manchild‘s just cause they are forcing you to view their work on patreon those are DIFFERENT Users from the ones i know in my good side like funtwo dr wolf and other youtubers that have that Those Make good use of it and that’s why im not gruding at them but i wouldnt say the same with the other different users and it seems that jackass :IconJustAnotherRavenFan: is one of those different users -_- but whatever you saying is I join there:FUCK NO
you say users use it to live: i get it and its undertadeble
but when when it comes to greedy users: F TO THE MF NO!!!!!!
so yeah thanks for the boring history lesson but guess what dont care i’ll just Move on snd ignore you -_-.
VixenDra Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
You're obviously a butthurt troll who refuses to understand facts, I have better things to do than wasting time on this nonsense.
xMonsterGirlsHideout Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
im not like this, for example, after month i let people see stuff free  if thats not  against  DA  rules
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