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Queen - Hot Space by PATotkaca Queen - Hot Space by PATotkaca
Hi people, it's been a very long time, I know. But I'm sort of back, at least for the time being. At the end of this summer I decided to download Queen's discography, and I discovered some splendid stuff. I mean, Queen is my favorite to begin with, but after my little discovery, they just seemed to be on a new level of good for me. I was especially amused by their 70s album where the songs just smoothly transition to one another, like what they did in Queen II and Sheer Heart Attack. I thought that was very neat and very enjoyable (although not so much when I shuffle my whole song library D:)

Hot Space sort of amused me. The album art was pretty eye-catching and the songs in it were just different. Although acclaimed by many others as the black sheep in Queen's discography, I enjoyed it quite a lot, and one day I just thought, why not draw one of my fanarts, which roughly imitate Hot Space's cover? And so that's what I did.

Perhaps I should explain about their poses. Mercury learned graphic design, so I had planned to put on a plastic layer above his little box, on which I would draw cats (because he is quite the cat person), which I ended up not doing because I am quite lazy, and have been very lazy lately. Deacon has two of those alligator cable thingies, which I colored pretty badly due to his degree in electronics. Taylor is just way too much in love with his Alfa Romeo, and although that's probably the simplest car wheel any of you have seen in a drawing, it sort of resembles it, so let's just let it go. Last but not least, May had a degree in astrophysics, hence the moon. I thought of making it a planet, like earth, mars, jupiter or saturn then I remembered that the color scheme is gray, so it won't do me any good, but I decided to try, so while googling "earth grayscale", I saw a picture of the moon and I thought that was a better idea. Look at me and see, I know waay too much about this band

It's been ages since I drew something in a full scale, but for someone who hasn't drawn in months I was satisfied with the results. I learned quite a lot too during the process about foreshortening of hands and applying values with one kind of color, though I screwed up bad on Deacon because I didn't have enough shades of that vermilion orange his color scheme was supposed to be. But I improvised, with some yellow colors. I also did heavy improvisations on the background: the boxes just hide the blotchy coloring very well :iconsuccesskidmemeplz:. There are two mistakes beyond my improvisation skills though, so I had to use photoshop to hide them (sorry ;_;). I was applying shading with my RV25 marker when suddenly it just spat out a huge blob of pink ink which started spreading, and it was so intense (RV25 is quite dark too) that no amount of blending can hide it. So I proceeded to throw my marker across the room, silently sing Death on Two Legs to it and internally cry for the intensely pink blob on Taylor's face :'). Another one is that I outlined a part of the logo incorrectly, which can be fixed using digital means quite effectively, so there's that.

Well, this is enough description. I wish I could write this long so easily for school stuff, but unfortunately that is virtually impossible for me. Please rate and comment! (Constructive criticisms would be greatly appreciated) Thank you!
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