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The Outlanders



My entry on PMDU!
(( I still don't know how to use linked images, sorry xD))

Anyway! I'm really excited to be part of a rp-friendly group on deviantart, and pokemon has always been my jam, so why not? Besides, it's a very interesting world with a friendly community <3

Team Name:
The Outlanders

Mike - Male Nidoran

Age: Young (On human years 15-17)

History: Mike didn't have much opportunities in life; being born as an anomaly small nidoran, his family grew surprised and hugely uncomfortable with the news. They didn't abandon him, but excluded him from the rest of the herd. Having to hear so many hurtful comments, so many complaints and receiving zero to no help, made his head spin, his head ache... Gave him a wound on his heart that remained open for years.

Later than never, he decided to run away, not only to prove them wrong ,but also to escape from his mental prison. On the streets, it took time, but he learned tricks and developed skills: on a young age he was already robbing crates, old - and inattentive- pokemon, jumping from roof to roof, crawling between holes and digging escape routes. A fast and smart little thieve.

However, one day his job didn't work as planned, and searching on some old ship's crates, he was found by a strange Crawdaunt. After some discussions and a failed attempt to flee (which resolved on him ashamedly trying to use captivate on a male serperior, which he initially thought that was a female), the small boy was taken aboard, where his life started to change.

He stayed with the small crew, initially helping them peel fruits; but while receiving care and attention, his own protective wall began to crumble. The Crawdaunt soon became his friend, and later his "guardian". Russ, which the boy learned that was his name, took him between open arms, offering a claw when needed, teaching good manners at the same time that lectured about bad habits.

Russ - Male Crawdaunt

Age: Adult (On human years 24-26)

History: Once a young corpish, Russ always paid attention to the folklore and histories that flew thought his hometown's streets. One of them, the one that more called the kid's attention... Was about a crew of three, a troupe of pirates. A lot of rumours about the mysterious figures were spread; on bars, humble homes, or even on the small talk between familiars. Everyone knew about them, yet didn't knew exactly who they were.

To his surprise and astonishment, those strange guys were said to finally arrive openly. The commotion was intense, and already on the first hours of the next day, a huge crowd was reunited on the village's port. The wait took long, but as soon as a wooden ship was sighted on the borders of the horizon, the chatter increased hugely. Squeezing himself between the many pokemon, the corpish finally managed to get on the front line, where his eyes widened in complete glee. A Zoroark, a Feraligatr and a Serperior, which later became his trustful companions.

They sailed together many times more, but a certain event held a special course. While stopping to restock, his eyes caught sight of an unusual problem: a small rodent was rummaging through their supplies. It didn't take long before they got acquittanced, a small fight that later leaded to the join of a new member.


A few curiosities


♢ Mike is half the size of a normal Nidoran

♢ Despite the aggressive nature of Crawdaunts, Russ has proven to be the complete opposite

♢ Mike is 75% of his time inside one of the pincers, 15% on the top of Russ' head, 9% on his back.

♢ This means he is almost never walking on the ground

♢ The benefits of having a big friend xD

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I like how unique your team's backstory is! And how small Mike is, it's rather cute! (Though, I imagine that's one of the last things he'd like to hear.) I actually have a Nidoran on my team, and he's actually a bit larger than the average Nidoran, so it's really cool to see someone shooting for the opposite. Will definitely have to keep an eye out for this team in the future. :)