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Orc Raid

Here's a painting I did in 3 hours about a year ago - this was another image that I didn't get a chance to complete it's about 50% done. I used Photoshop to illustrate the image without any pencil work.
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hi, I wanna use you r stock in my final portfolio work ......!
would you allow me to manipulate this image for my portfolio work in university??
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great work here :D
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Well done ! R+
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look so real!!
loved it very much!
loved all your work - how much time do you in the drawing buisness?
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I am speechless!!!! This is amazing! beautifully done, with lots of detail :D Congrats!

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I really like the grainy look and feel to this image.

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Awesome work!
Featured on Monster Database linked to u!

>>> Every monster, creature, robot in this blog is linked to its original creator, we just post them! If an artist would like to change the monster's name, or his (the artist's) name on the post, or wanna add some additional information about the creature, just write us. <<<

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Really cool!!!
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I love this! Even in its unfinished state, it looks great!
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geezus thats fucking BANANAS!! no pencils??--fireal!?
lovin the faces, you really enhanced a creepyness to the orc
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Giant Orc rocks!
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You art has one of my first favorites.
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yeah, that guy looks pretty dangerous!
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I didn’t have too much love for the whole fantasy genre till people started drawing orcs like this, you rock!
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look at the muscles on that brute! cool picture man
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Dull surprise, meet the DULL ROAR.
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that's awesome- that troll looks so damn menacing!
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The noise you applied really adds to this image...makes it look more realistic.
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