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Nokia Illustration

Here is a piece I did for one of my clients - Nokia N-Gage game. I mostly used Photoshop straight on, no pencils. Took about 11 hours in total. Enjoy!

Pat Lee
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Nice artwork! :)
and I have this Game , called "RIFTS : Promise of power".
unfortunately ,that hasn't sales in evidence. but I love PalladiumBooks and this game too.:thumbsup:
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This is bad ass, dude! Heroic!
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this makes me want n-gage for some reason
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I have to say ,this is a beuatiful and well thought out design. The head really works well with the rest of the mech, and gives a good contrast.
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wow thats sick... love the randomness in the color, since you used photoshop i would have expected it to be smooth and symetrical
Reaver-8-0-8-0-8's avatar
Great pose. Good image all round
ajdin's avatar
I have this hanging on ym wall for inspiration hahaha how geeky of me!!!
fist-of-fury's avatar
that is sooo cool
RaceConvoy's avatar
Advertisement, eh?
Big money in those contracts...

Any chance any of those profits went towards paying off the million and a half dollars you didn't pay to Hasbro and to most (if not all) of your Dreamwave employees? [link]
(which isn't even mentionning how many people you screwed out of money with DreamEngine)
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this is eye candy
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woah :wow: This is cool. Especially since you did it using only photoshop.
I feel like I'm watch gundam wing... on weed keep it up.
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Hey! This reminds me of robot jox. It's an old movie made a while back.
Jester84's avatar
Looks so real. The strokes are there clear to the eye -reminding it was painted- however, the mind still sees it as real.

Could you explain a bit how did you achieve the watercolor/paint effects?
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Wow that´s the darkness and light at the same pic, you´re awesome.

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nice colours.
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awsome work dude :D
asspavesspa's avatar
without pencil just straight away're tha man!
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