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here is an image I painted about 2 years ago. It's actually a picture of my girl friend's face from her modeling portfolio. :) It was a piece that I did for her on her birthday. Most of the brushing was done with an angle brush, not much texture brushes, kept it pretty simple. The most important aspect of the piece was mood. Anyways, check it out. :D

Pat Lee
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Mulan's role... feminine or masculine retouch in reviving this role>?
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She is incredible. As a Game of Thrones fan I would say this reminds me of Queen Nymeria of the Rhoyne, the Conquerer of Dorne.
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You're lucky...your gfriend is beauty... ;) :w00t:
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Admirable and very impresionant work...Congrats is a great example to follow.
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Im thoroughly impressed. Not only is this great, but she is actually wearing legit armor. You dont see anything like this anymore. Now Ivy from soul calibur shit is all thats around- art wise.
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Excellent reflection of light work. Nice expression and pose :D
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Gorgeous. I really get a sense of the importance and solemnity of the situation. She's not just going into battle - she knows what's at stake.
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She looks rested :)
Really awesome work like your complete gallery .
and I like that you take care of the anatomy ...:)
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May I enquire as to the meaning of the title?
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well i have a bf look like her
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I love it, its amazing.
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really love this piece, her face and expression are so beautiful.
great work!
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Thats one hell of a birthday present.
She must have been rly happy :)
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Actually putting a female in armor and not freaking skimpy outfits makes me quite happy THIS IS GREAT.
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master piece!
love it
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Awesome art man.I've been a big fan for awhile now but I never knew you did like medieval type subjects and stuff.I always have trouble setting a mood in my drawings.It's like the quiet before a major battle.It's a certain uneasy quiet mood that you have in this one.Great work keep it up.
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Came out beautiful. Great work!
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wow awesome work!
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