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Conan Cover

This was a cover I illustrated for DarkHorse Comics.
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Simplemente genial!!
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Just reeking of Epic,right there
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First and foremost as a digital painter, you kick all kinds of tail. But, the most impressive feat I'm seeing here is your application of the color holds. How do you do that so well? =)
Kyle-Fast's avatar
This is so freakin sweet.
TuInS's avatar
Dude its amazing, love your job, mostly WarLands
creeboymma's avatar
that's absolutely stunning...who did the colors? they did an awesome job too
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Really AWESOME!!
beveon's avatar
haha, wicked
red-sonja's avatar
nice. i like it. Conan looks so unsurprised to have a knife at his throat.
RPGartist's avatar
I love the colors and the anatomy you used on conan. Awesome work man:)
Gpapanto's avatar
Your eye for color is amazing, and you really know your anatomy. Great work.
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I'm a huge Conan fan... & I always liked your stuff from Warlands AOI keep up the work!

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Very Nice Pat, I cant wait to see more work man.
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Ahaaa.. I should have guessed from the sheer quality of your work that you would be a long standing pro in the field of art! Seeing this sort of stuff makes me want to pick up comics again, and I would have picked this up without a doubt! I shall now go on a hunt for more of your commercial artwork. Your stuff here makes me want to get my hands on anything you've done.
MarcelZero's avatar

are you THE pat lee??the one who made warlands??
i really apreciate your work!!!!
i'm friends with Edu Francisco....i don't know if you remember him...
well anyways

great art!!!

if you have any free time take a look at my gallery!!!it would be a honor!!

see ya!!!
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u r god~!
Xirmatul's avatar
Looking great!
Hells-Blood's avatar
I've got this one too! I love your stuff man!
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