Tobias Zeising vel `ssilence ,)

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By PatiMakowska
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This is just one of my favorite works, by  ssilence !!!

:iconssilence: ssilence

summer by ssilence autumn sun by ssilence windless by ssilence

piece by piece by ssilence lavender impressions by ssilence onset of winter by ssilence

Life is gone by ssilence orange by ssilence angels landing by ssilence

red balcony by ssilence reprise of autumn sun by ssilence autumn color by ssilence

far away by ssilence strong wing by ssilence the source of secrets by ssilence

My dreaming in autumn:

:thumb141544990: :thumb141638110: autumn from my dreams by PatiMakowska
bloody autumn by PatiMakowska

by PatiMakowska

Landscapes from Iceland

© 2009 - 2020 PatiMakowska
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This is a beautiful feature for a wonderful Photographer. You did a good job! :D :clap:
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Thank You so much !!!! it is a right !!! wonderful Photographer ;)
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Yeah, maybe nobody will believe me, but thsi guy is somebody who inspired me to start my adventure with digital cameras and DA. now i think i can say is a godfather of Lietkynes82 as a photographer....THNX so much 'ssilence, thanx for feature for Patulkaa ;)
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That's really amazing! and good to reading this story, Yours story, it is very important for all DA-users.
Inspired !

Thank You for coming !
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beautiful feature :w00t:
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Thank You so much !
I was doing last my Journal many mounths ago :) and I was forget a lot of informations about CSS :)
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you're most welcome .. nah don't worry it happens to the best of us.. coding and art don't go together :rofl: i haven't changed my CSS for one year i think lol, and i'm not really planning to
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Coding and do art togeher :d it is a little bit crazy :D :D :D hahaha
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Huhu Pati,

thank you very much for the feature! I'm glad you like my work.

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It is my huge peasure !

Thank You so much ! for everythink ! :)
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