Pekin 2008 = Berlin 1936

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"Umysł wolny od stałego wyobrażenia o kimś, kto czyni coś dla kogoś innego, jest jak słońce promieniujące samo z siebie"
Lama Ole Nydahl



we might need
at the moment
is within our reach

The oldest on Earth, is the 20 000 years old culture of Tibet. Through its religious practice, this fierce and bold people became a society of a highly developed conscience.
In their attitude towards matter and soul, Buddhism represented a common basis. This effected in a humble, but sufficient in the existing conditions, financial success.

The unoppressed growth of this exceptional enclave, situated in the heart of the Himalai Mountains, was brutally terminated by Chinese occupation and extermination of Tibetan monks.
From our point of view, i.e. the world's point of view, this means the beginning of a war of conscience.
... intend to overcome the paranoia of borders and any kind of violence.

"Protect man, protect human beings"
The Tibetan people, their culture and the teachings of Buddha can survive for the benefit of all feeling beings only with the help of Western people.
It would be good if the society could help the noble idea of the FREE TIBET action. Therefore, we plead all persons and institutions, that could help this action in a direct and way, for support.
After all, we can all feel, and therefore should care about the safety, hapiness and love of other people.

Free Tibet by brun

List od Lamy Ole, dotyczacy obecnej sytuacji w Tybecie
(tlumaczenie Gosia Smietana, ponizej tekst oryginalny)

W odpowiedzi na wiele pytan o obecna tragedie w Tybecie.

Buddyzm Dimentowej Drogi daje kazdemu wolnosc posiadania wlasnych przekonan
politycznych, dlatego niniejsze oswiadczenie wyplywa z moich osobistych
doswiadczen i dotyczy pogladow i odczuc na temat Tybetu.

Na przestrzeni wielu lat mojego zaangazowania i pobytu w Himalajach od roku
1968, nie spotkalem ani jednego Tybetanczyka, ktory w pozytywnym swietle
widzialby chinska aneksje swojego kraju. Podczas pierwszych lat Tybetanczycy
skarzyli sie glownie na to, ze okolo 20-25% mieszkancow kraju zmarlo z glodu (z
powodu blednych wytycznych rolniczych z Pekinu), zostalo zabitych w obozach
wieziennych lub podczas spotkan samokrytyki oraz z powodu dzialan wojennych.
Zniszczenie ich religii, spladrowanie klasztorow, nieludzkie traktowanie i
zabijanie ich przywodcow zapisalo sie w ich umyslach i bylo nieprzerwanie

Poniewaz Chinczycy obarczaja wina za rewolucje kulturalna ‘Bande Czterech’
a Deng rozpoczal okres liberalny, wielu Tybetanczykow chcialo przynajmniej
pracowac na danych warunkach. Jednakze Chinczycy zaczeli wplywac na wybor
inkarnowanych Lamow i wprowadzili do Tybetu ogromne ilosci obcych imigrantow.
Dzialo sie tak do tego stopnia, ze natura ich kraju calkowicie sie zmienila, a
oni sami stali sie mniejszoscia. Nowa fala niepokojow z pewnoscia byla
nieunikniona. Wszedzie fakt, ze ludzie z kamieniami w dloni staja naprzeciw
karabinow maszynowych jest wielka tragedia.
Nie powinno byc tez niemozliwym dla takiej potegi jaka sa Chiny nadanie
Tybetowi autonomii, co jest wszystkim na co Tybetanczycy moga realistycznie

Oby to moglo byc mozliwe zanim zginie jeszcze wiecej ludzi, a wejscie wielkiego
i kulturalnego narodu chinskiego do grupy wolnych i demokratycznych panstw
bedzie powaznie kwestionowane. Tybetanczycy nie sa narodem gwaltownym i musi
byc jakis sposob, aby ich prawomocne zyczenie wolnosci moglo sie spelnic.
Bedzie to wielki i niezapomniany czyn ze strony chinskich, dalekowzrocznych
przywodcow jesli tylko beda potrafili to zrobic.

Wasz Lama Ole Nydahl, Dania

Message from Lama Ole Nydahl concerning Tibet
Concerning the many questions about the present tragedy in

Diamond Way Buddhism leaves everybody free to have their own political
convictions therefore these statements can only be my own personal experiences
concerning Tibetan feelings and views:

During my years of involvement and staying in the Himalayas since 1968, I have
not met a single Tibetan who saw the Chinese annexation of their country in a
positive light. During the first years their main complaint was that between
20-25% of the country's inhabitants had starved due to mistaken agricultural
directives from Beijing or
been killed in prison camps or during self-criticism meetings or acts of war.
The destruction of their religion, the gutting of its monasteries and inhuman
treatment and killing of its leaders stayed engraved on their minds and was
constantly mentioned.

As the Chinese put the blame for the Cultural Revolution on the "Gang of Four"
and Deng started a liberal period, many Tibetans were willing to at least work
under the given conditions. As the Chinese started influencing the choice of
incarnate Lamas, however, and brought such massive amounts of foreign
immigrants into Tibet, that the nature of their country totally changed and
they became a minority, this new wave of unrest probably became unavoidable. As
everywhere, when men with stones in their hands face machine guns this is a
total tragedy and it should not be impossible for such a great power as China
to give them the autonomy which is all they
can realistically expect.

May this become possible before yet more lives are lost and the entry of the
great and cultural Chinese nation into the world's free and democratic states
is seriously questioned. The Tibetans are not a violent race and there must be
ways that their rightful wishes for freedom can be met. It will be a great and
unforgettable act on the
side of the Chinese otherwise far-seeing leadership if they can do this.

Yours Lama Ole Nydahl, Denmark

Hapiness isn't something one can find
thanks to the effort of one's will
or any greater effort,
because it is everpresent,
perfect and ready,
in relax and in neglect.
Don't worry, there's nothing to do.
Anything happening in the mind
matters not in the least,
because it isn't real.
Don't cling to it.Don't evaluate.
Let the game play itself
- let it become and be gone-
and change nothing.
Everything dissolves and begins anew
without stop.
It is only our search for hapiness
that makes it impossible for us to see.
It's just like a rainbow that we follow
but can never reach;
because hapiness doesn't exist,
although it's always been here
and accompanies you in every moment.
Don't think that good or bad experiences
are true; they're like rainbows.
You're wasting your time
trying to achieve
something you can't apprehend.
But if you give up trying
a space appears
that is open, inviting and comfortable.
Use then.
Everything is waiting for you.
Stop searching.
Don't start a trip into the deep jungl,
in search of an elephant,
that is waiting at home
Don't do anything.
Don't force anything.
Don't want anything.
- everything happens by itself.

Gendyn Rinpocze

Tibet's Worship Places by FelixTo

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did you make this into a news article? cos you should.
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Dziekuje za link !
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What's been going on is very worrying and makes me very sad. If only Tibet had oil, this problem was already being solved... What a disgrace....

Nice article!
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I'm sad too

thank you so much for coming !
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if Tibet had rule it'll be the Americans in there killing Tibetans in the name of liberation instead
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rule? wtf.. I meant oil, brain freeze
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I'm will invite to my web site blog


but this page is wrote only in Polish Language ...

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I am so angry about what happened over the weekend.
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Yes, thank you for yours opinions and coming ...
I'm so sad too
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I wanted to read some of the articles on Tibet but couldn't read any of them. I will try to search on Google or something.
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Maybe this links will be working? But this is some informations about Buddhism, but I try finding some links abut Tibet. Maybe today !
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Dziękuję za linki
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the "western" world has a formidable weapon in their hands:

to take themselves out of next olympic games.

however, i am quite sure that the most part of western governments will limit their action to condemnation words and commercial interests will prevail, easily forgetting that if you don't do your part in isolating violence and intolerance, you are enforcing it.
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This is very sad when the most popular and rich Country silence in this important think ...

but now the most important think on the world is money, and commercial interest
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that is true everywhere, unfortunately. but the strange thing is that none of the movements that fight for human right has raised a boycott proposal against olympic games yet. it could become a real shock if some popular athlete was joining the movement.
PatiMakowska's avatar
Thank you so much for your opinions ... ! and coming !

everything /in my opinion/ ... is very nesessery in mind of sportsmen /some athlets/ who will starting in this "special" olimpic games ...
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jest jak jest, przez jakis czas raczej sie to nie zmieni :/
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ale trzeba być świadomym ... ! tego co sie wydarza
nie chować głowy w piasek ...
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wszyscy wiedza jak to jest z chinami ale prawda jest taka ze olimpiada niezostanie zbojkotowana, zostan ew wyslane listy z prosba o zaprzestanie tego tego tamtego, chiny kolejny n-ty juz raz i tak nieposluchaja , beda zyc dalej stoim zyciem.

tak czy siak kicha :/
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ale nie wolno mliczec ...
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Dokładnie, nie wolno milczeć.

Rozgłos sprawie przyniesie chociaż iskrę nadziei, to jak jeden pchnięty klocek w domino by ruszyć całą budowlę.
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