Author of the most perfect photos -Yazhubal -

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By PatiMakowska
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This is just some of my favorite works by:

:iconyazhubal: Yazhubal

Dakota II by Yazhubal The last.. by Yazhubal Fjardaal III by Yazhubal
Dyrholaey at midnight BW by Yazhubal Old CAT by Yazhubal Way to Solheimajokkul by Yazhubal
Walking behind waterfall by Yazhubal Last Lighthouse by Yazhubal
Way to Thagkil by Yazhubal
Hafursey monochrom by Yazhubal Icelandic Junk Yard IV by Yazhubal
Ajsland II monochromy by Yazhubal Czas spelnienia by Yazhubal Ice Mirror II by Yazhubal
Icelandic Junk Yard  II BW by Yazhubal

The ONE of my favorite photos by:

:iconyazhubal: Yazhubal

Death Coast by Yazhubal

:iconpatimakowska: PatiMakowska

Icelad from my eyes . . .

:thumb88681800: Vik i Myrdal by PatiMakowska
ICELAND - in grey by PatiMakowska

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really nice features :clap:

btw you mispelled Iceland on the last part of the journal :aww: "Icelad from my eyes ..." heh, it happens to the best of us :)

thank you for sharing these lovely works :w00t:
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becarfull propably You are the next in my Journal :D
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I'm glad you like the journal skin :) Pretty rare to see ppl on dA from Iceland. I was once shown tourist photographs of people who visited iceland. I was amazed how different every single area on this land looks. Your photographs also show that fact. I would really like to come to Iceland someday...right now it's far too expensive for me. :)
PatiMakowska's avatar
I'm glad too - at this moment, You are cominng :) Thank You so much for that :)
Yes Iceland is so expensive at this moment and have a lot of economy problems, but I have a hope every think will be change as soon as possible.
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:) I hope so, too. Someday I will visit iceland and put my own little stone pyramid, too :D
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Yes :)
It is amazing place on all wrold :) and this small stane pyramids too ;)
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Wspaniałe :) dziękuję Ci bardzo za wyróżnienie w journalu.
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Jeżeli zaproszono cię na przyjęcie, to z pewnością przez
nieporozumienie. Tylko żeby nie mieli do ciebie żalu, jeżeli będzie
padał deszcz.
-- Z Ponurnika Kłapouchego
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Prosze uprzejmie :)
Mama nadzieje, że się podoba :)
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Piotr! I don't know if you work for National Geographic, if not you should!
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