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Draco Malfoy card

By Patilda
Blame Regulus!!! :)
I know you must be sick of my editing and fizing and changing some of my drawings, but after seeing how Regulus turned out and how I could improve some of the old ones, I decided to redo my tarot series. Only now it's not tarot it's simply card series. So, I've been working on some of the cards these week to see if it's worth the trouble, and I think it is.
For now I'm not going to touch the tarot folder, so you will still have some time to save them, in case you like the old ones more.
Now you have Draco - :heart: him - and I'll try to work on the old ones as soon as possible.
Hope you like him. :)

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Ominous and sensual and haunting....  *loves*
Yes, I like him and - gush - what has that boy eyes to dominate your will. Could anyone deny him anything he wants?
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Would you mind if I uploaded your Draco picture on Goodreads? I will give link to this page.
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I don't mind at all. :)
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He looks determined. Love his white hair, grey eyes and little grin that don’t reach his eyes and makes him look somehow dark.
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Thank you so much! :hug:
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This is one of two my favourite drawings of Draco.
You know, there is a fic "Oath breaker" by Goblin Cat KC. I've always thought, that Dcaro from that fic looks exactly the same as yours <3
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Thank you! :)

Is it a good fic? Where can I find it?
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I just noticed that ~ladyesther commented that this Draco is how she imagines Draco from “Oath Breaker”. Funny, but I always thought the same! When I was reading that fic I used your picture of Draco as desktop background.
It is one of the best HP fanfics what I have read and I have read plenty.
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I'm honoured, thank you! :heart:

I started to read this fic, but I'm not so far ahead yet, as I have too much on my plate right now and it's kinda hard to keep up, BUT I'm really enjoying it! :) So, thank you so much for the tip! I can always appreciate a good fic! :) :hug:
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I'm happy to hear that you do like that fic :) I just love it so much and always want to share that with somebody :)
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It's my the most favourite one, though it says nothing to you :)
it differs from the Rowling's books in the definition of dark magic, a little AU, I think, but it's really beautiful and interesting!
This is it: [link]
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The texture in your cards takes my breath away. You're a brilliant artist, keep up your amazing work!
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Thank you so much! :) :hug: I'm trying. Life is too busy right now, but I'll be back soon. :)
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Oooooh he looks dark and sinister, but cool! Great job!
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:iconcheerplz: Absolutely wonderful! He is beautiful with a bewitching dark aura; just like he should be. :iconlovesplz:
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I Love Ashlee Simpson, HeHe, Just Kidding, I Loved This Pic, Real Nice Work ^^
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absolutely gorgeous!!
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(again) I love him! I love him! I love him!
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