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We're a group all about pathways and the many forms that they come in. If you walk on it, it is probably a pathway of some sort.

Feel free to join the group, we are always happy to have new members and add great pieces of art to our collection!

Submission rules:
-Must involve a pathway, walkway, road, trail, etc.
-You have 2 submissions/ day to each category.
-All submissions are subject to review and we will ask you to justify yourself if we don't see the pathway that you do. If you can convince us, we'll accept it.
-There's a list of detailed submission rules in the blog; if there's any confusion as to what will be accepted in each category, please refer to it! Remember, our goal isn't to exclude shots here! They just need to be in the right category. :-)

We have a lot of new categories so please make sure to check those out.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to share. :)

Starry, Chill, and Winterosprey
We realized that the rules of submission might be a bit vague, so here are clarifications for submitting photos, one category at a time!

First and Foremost: Any type of pathway can go in this group. However, preference goes to those with a definitive pathway. By "definitive", we mean: The pathway is THE SUBJECT of the photo, as opposed to a model of some sort that holds the primary focus of the shot, while the pathway makes up the background.

Featured: This category is lenient enough, however, any shot that has too strong a focus on a single model or object might cause us to suggest resubmission to the "Contain A Pathway" category.

Natural Paths: Fairly self-explanatory. Pathways through forests, deserts, dirt roads, footpaths created simply from years of people walking along them, etc. As long as it's a clear pathway that wasn't built by man-made machines, it can be submitted to this category.

Alleys and Streets: There's some leniency to this category. It's hard to get an empty street shot in the daytime, so if you have a crowd of people in your street shot, it's okay, AS LONG AS THE PATHWAY IS CLEAR. If we see no pathway, then no dice. If you hone in on one person or object, it belongs in "Contain A Pathway".

Stairs: Yep. Any kind of staircase, in any place, anywhere. As long as it contains a clear pathway of stairs, you can submit your shot to this category.

Water Pathways: While rivers, streams, brooks, and other such things are technically natural pathways, we decided to make a separate category for them. Why? Because this category is also open to water pathways that are man made, like arroyos (ditches), canals, dams, and so on. If you have shots of a place where the river is directed through the center of town, that shot can find a home in this category.

Bridges: This one is pretty self-explanatory, too. Any bridge at all can go in this category.

Docks and Piers: Like "Alleys and Streets", this one's a bit more lenient, because many dock/pier shots have lots of people in them. The main rule here is: If the pathway of the dock/pier is clearly visible, then it can go in this category, even if there's a crowd of people in your shot. Again, as long as the shot isn't  so focused on a single object or person that it excludes the pathway, it'll be fine.

Train Tracks: Another obvious category. Train tracks are very distinct, so they get their own category. :-)

Miscellaneous: If you're not sure about where your shot should go, you can submit it here. If you feel like your shot qualifies for more than one category, this is probably the best place for it. This is also a laid back category. If there's a pathway of any kind, it can go here.

Contain A Pathway: This is the place for all of those shots of gorgeous models, objects, plants, etc. with a pathway that's kind of off to the side or fading into the background. It doesn't matter if your shot's in a forest, on a street, under a bridge... if the model is the primary focus, it belongs IN HERE.

Also remember, you are welcome to defend why you feel your shot belongs in ANY category. If you've got a reasonable argument, we'll hear you out.

Hope this helps! Carry on, Pathway Lovers! :heart:
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