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I have helped with founding several history groups, however I've noticed there still are countries with crucially important histories in the world, that still do not have history groups. Below is a map of groups with history groups in blue. Red being countries where other the histories of the countries of other history groups involves their history. Lined sections of red and blue indicate areas with territorial disputes.

Countries with history groups on DA by PathtoEnlighten

I have helped with founding several history groups, however I've noticed there still are countries with important histories in the world, that still do not have history groups. Countries that should have history groups now are ones that have had decisive and crucial impacts on world history, particularly: China, Greece, India, Israel, Japan, and Russia. Each of these countries' histories have significantly shaped world history both directly or indirectly through civilization and/or through ideas that spread across the world.

There really isn't any excuse why there are no Greek-History, Israeli-History, and Russian-History groups by now. Many people with even the most basic historical awareness know about the influence of the histories of these countries. Chinese-History, Indian-History, and Japanese-History groups would need some work and expertise by people for topics outside of the 20th century as their ancient civilizations are not that well known in the West.

I need to focus on building the groups I've helped to start and it would be good if people who are familiar with the complexities of the histories of those countries to found them, hopefully people from those countries already. There is some advice I would give to clarify some possible problems.

A Russian-History group should not just have the history of just the RSFSR of the Soviet Union, but rather the Soviet Union as a whole as Russia was legally considered the successor of the Soviet Union and was widely regarded in history simply as "Russia".

(2) An Israeli-History group should only be about the history of Israel, its predecessor states and entities, and the people who have lived in the the territories of it and its predacessor states and entities. The role of the Abrahamic faiths of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam in what has been regarded the Holy Land is very important in world history and the rise of Zionism and the founding of a state of Israel and has been important in world history as well.

    (A) It should not be a group about all of Jews and Jewish culture that is outside of Israel and the predacessor states and entities, but only on history directly pertinent to it - though it could include Zionists outside of what is now Israel that had major influence in the founding of Israel. It should be a group that includes the histories of multiple sections of Israeli society: including from a perspective of nations: Israeli Jews, Israeli Arabs, and others; and from a religious perspective Israeli Jews, Israeli Muslims, and Israeli Christians, and others.

The group should take a stance of neutrality on the disputed territories widely known outside of Israel as the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and the Golan Heights, and simply recognize them as disputed as they are in international law. The Arab-Israeli and Israeli-Palestinian conflicts should be monitored carefully by that group's admins to avoid having flame wars by partisan users who favour one side or another. Any art added should be focused on history, not on making political points for a cause.

  (C) Due to these complexities an Israeli-History group will have difficulties getting started though and may need to help out from people familiar with history groups and group administration in general to start it out. I helped to found Iraqi-History and now most of its admins are Iraqis and am doing so with Egyptian-History, if there are problems with trying to found such a group I could do the same with an Israeli-History group but I'd rather than others do it so that I can focus on the main groups I am working to build, Storia-Italiana and British-History.

(3) A Chinese-History group should follow the general international guideline of diplomacy in recognizing the People's Republic of China as representing China while the Republic of China only represents Taiwan and some other smaller islands. This may not be liked by those supportive of the Kuomintang but it reflects a widely used practice.

Note: As of writing this, groupd titled ChineseHistory, Greek-History, and JapaneseHistory have been created.
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PathtoEnlighten's avatar
HistoriaArgentina has just been created. I don't have much familiarity with Argentine history beyond some basic familiarity, but I'm very glad a group has now started for it. :)
ChaircarMao's avatar
So,is this the origin of the Chinese History group?
PathtoEnlighten's avatar
Sorry for the delayed response. Essentially yes, but the idea of expanding the history groups in general has existed for awhile, talked about by a number of people who wished that certain groups existed.
PathtoEnlighten's avatar
Thank you very much! :D And a very nice logo as well! :)

Could you invite me to be an admin to help out? I'm very interested in Greek history that I know less of than Italian history but am planning to read more about soon.
Pelycosaur24's avatar
I added you as a contributer :)
Spiritswriter123's avatar
Ethiopia probably needs one as well.

I might make a Mongolian History group, but don't hold your breath for me making it. I know quite a bit about the history of Mongolia, but not enough to make a proper history group out of it.
PathtoEnlighten's avatar
Agree. I can only help out with so many groups at a time though, if you and others can focus on Ethiopia, that would be great. I do not have much knowledge about Ethiopian history nor do I have much knowledge about Mongolian history. But I would be glad to support them.
AnkhVH's avatar
I have a fairly decent working knowledge of Japanese history so I could make a JapaneseHistory Group. Is anyone interested?
PathtoEnlighten's avatar
Sure. Most groups are titled like "German-History" though some like AustrianHistory and now just yesterday ChineseHistory are titled that way.
AnkhVH's avatar
OK, cool. I'll get it up soon!
Pelycosaur24's avatar
Submitted it to our group! Since I am a classicist and classical archaeologist I would volunteer to make a "Greek History" Group
PathtoEnlighten's avatar
Thank you. :) A Greek-History group would be very valuable.
Pelycosaur24's avatar
:thumbsup: I will get right to work later today! :)
PathtoEnlighten's avatar
Thank you very much! :D
Robo-Diglet's avatar
I went ahead and made ChineseHistory, since that's the one I figure I know the most about. ^^
 I had to close my old Ancient-Civilizations group to make it, but that place was pretty much dead, and this will likely be more successful.
Arminius1871's avatar
Great idea I asked for submission in our group
PathtoEnlighten's avatar
Thank you! :)

Do you have any ideas that would help with trying to find people who would be interested in having such groups?
Arminius1871's avatar
Only asking as many as possible and spreading info like in your journal.
PathtoEnlighten's avatar
Thanks. :) Am posting this journal in a variety of groups where there may be interest in taking part.
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