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I am interested in history, especially in cultural, military, and political areas. My username is pretty pretentious sounding but I am sticking with it. I meant it to indicate my channel as I would call my account as focused on learning but sounds like it could be the name of a religious cult but it is not.

On DA I am especially focused on creating uniform depictions for the group PIXEL-ARCHIVES. While I am interested in many topics of history, do not confuse me as an expert - I strive to learn more about topics and publish content to bring attention and interest to such topics but I fully expect to make mistakes in my analyses so be sure to not just take my word on historical topics but investigate these for yourselves.

I will talk with anyone and seek to have constructive conversation with anyone that I may be interested in conversing with. That does not mean that I necessarily agree with them though.

I have created artwork involving quotes of historically significant people or uniform depictions of historically significant people. My creation of such artwork on quotes does not mean that I am endorsing the person's views but that I regard their as significant or unique that deserves attention, and with my artwork on uniforms it also does not mean that I am endorsing the person depicted in the uniform or the organization that the uniform is associated with.

I will allow my works to be included in groups that may have an interest in having them so that attention is brought to them. However inclusion of my works in any politically oriented group does not mean that I either endorse or oppose the politics or other beliefs of the group about which the content is about.

When I add quotes from historical figures it does not necessarily mean I agree with them but that I regard them as historically significant to the topic they are on.


I will respond to constructive criticism. I will not respond to people being hostile with the content of their posts being mainly petty insults and character assassination with little constructive criticism. I reserve the right to hide comments and block users that grossly violate this.

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Here is a video looking into whether the Soviet Union had millionaires.
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After several months of being off DeviantArt after deciding then to retire I've been working on what I need to do in life and have some time I can spend here, however it will be less time than spent before. I may still decide to go back to discontinuing using DA or will have long periods of time where I will be inactive.
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The left-right political spectrum that originated in France that described those supporting the monarchy, the Catholic Church, aristocracy along with the hierarchy of the social order in France on the right as opposed to those on the left supporting a republic, secular division of religion and state, promoting legal equality of French citizens and dismantling the aristocracy; and then centrists having attitudes between these. Since then groups have been associated with left, right, or centre, since then. However many do not understand what the left-right spectrum even is, with versions of it created to depict all the favourable characteristic
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Thanks for watching!!!...

Thanks ...really!!!...

thank you again and thanks for this diamond badge !!! :)

Your welcome! :) Your artwork is excellent and deserves recognition for that.

thank you for faves :)

My most heartfelt thanks for the fave, badge and Core membership, truly appreciate it all!

I have just told you off for not crediting yourself on your Italian M40 uniforms, still no hands improvements, tee hee. The new name changes denotes a profound enlightment!?