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Puddles on the ground lie still in the absence of echoes and as high beams pierce the mist and constrict the iris; nails burst the skin of scorning fists. Bones contort as folding steel and thoughts of evanescence rupture from tooth canals in the wake of ailing dawns.


A head smothered in chafed hands resists all trains of thought. That is the thing about trains, one never really takes note of them unless one is a nuisance who rattles the bedroom windows and wakes the children at 3am on a Tuesday. Unless something is wrong, unless one means to use them. Unless one means to meet another; a lover, a deadline. An end.

The world is an empty place when you are an empty shell with a crisp, stainless and electrically charged exoskeleton. The heart is a vessel whose vessels never travel, anchored to sinew as condemned carriages whose broken wheels never deviate from rusty tracks.

Her blood visits the same destinations, over and over in circles, three until two, 6 days a week. Collecting convicts, comforted in picket-fenced display homes that smell of burning fires;  Of Sunday roasts and daffodils. Collecting oxygen from lung and returning it home.

The soul is a girl with glassy eyes riding the 11:55 from misery to nowhere because the inertia of the tides is too crushing for delicate ships. She watches the stations move swiftly by; barren as engines on dead lines.

Her biology is a microcosm for the system she exploits and nothing ever happens in that one to seven void and so the frost begins to tongue kiss shallow breaths upon the glass. The meaning of grinding steel on wood on steel is much easier to ascertain when you live in the half-second of a derailing. Puddles give way to dragging heals and the world no longer moves so fast.

A mourning warmth caresses lacerations as morning bleeds across platforms one to ten. Silence abounds despite approaching sirens and the world comes to a close as warm colors escape a fragile reliquary. Past succumbs to present and time stills with shadows cast upon welcomed requiem;

She terminates;
at last.
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