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Cheerleader Mina Ashido by Inspector97 by Pathetic-Virgin Cheerleader Mina Ashido by Inspector97 :iconpathetic-virgin:Pathetic-Virgin 7 1 Dragonel by Inspector97 by Pathetic-Virgin Dragonel by Inspector97 :iconpathetic-virgin:Pathetic-Virgin 4 0 Quebec Star By Penguin Commando by Pathetic-Virgin
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Quebec Star By Penguin Commando :iconpathetic-virgin:Pathetic-Virgin 11 0
Quebec Star By Luna2528cp by Pathetic-Virgin Quebec Star By Luna2528cp :iconpathetic-virgin:Pathetic-Virgin 5 0 Sew-Lee and Thanna by Inspector97 by Pathetic-Virgin
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Sew-Lee and Thanna by Inspector97 :iconpathetic-virgin:Pathetic-Virgin 17 3
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Sew-Lee the Renegade in Town part 2: Ordeal :iconpathetic-virgin:Pathetic-Virgin 4 5
Invisible Woman and Invisible Man vs. the Ghost by Pathetic-Virgin Invisible Woman and Invisible Man vs. the Ghost :iconpathetic-virgin:Pathetic-Virgin 4 4
Sew-Lee the Renegade in town part 1
It was evening and I was relaxing after having ate dinner. Most of my wives were working on various tasks while Thanna, my main ozcura, was nursing our son, who had been born two weeks earlier. When I first saw the grey-pink baby, I'd jokingly referred to his complexion as "grink". Thanna, however, thought that was what I was naming him, and so had insisted on calling him that since then.
Kruzh, the oldest of my adopted daughters, who had been playing outside, entered the hut and said, "Daddy Sew-Lee, there's someone outside looking for you." Then she grabbed a piece of bread.
I got up and exited the hut. The sun had gone down, but there was still enough light for me to see the two women waiting for me. One, with white hair, pointed ears, and dark skin, was obviously a drow elf. The other was a succubus, with wings and small horns on her forehead. The drow said, "You are the human named Soule?"
"I'm not human," I replied steadily. After the attack that had led me to this village, I'd d
:iconpathetic-virgin:Pathetic-Virgin 8 3
Mature content
the Challenge :iconpathetic-virgin:Pathetic-Virgin 4 1
Sew-Lee the Renegade by TrekkieGal by Pathetic-Virgin Sew-Lee the Renegade by TrekkieGal :iconpathetic-virgin:Pathetic-Virgin 5 2
The Oath of the Sword
I had always believed ozcuras were evil. It was something I learnt as any other child of the Outregam as the grey orcs were feared throughout the region. “Go to bed or the ozcuras will get you,” my mother would chide. “Eat all your food. If we throw it out, it’ll attract ozcuras,” my father would gruffly say. I would play “Crusaders and Ozcuras” with the other children. The unpopular ones were always the ozcuras, and expected to lose in the face of righteousness.
But such were the ways of childhood. I eventually grew to be a man and had to decide my path in life. I could remain on the family farm in Lorach. But I had three older brothers and did not relish working under them.
I could become an apprentice under one of the guild masters, and if I worked hard and saved all I could, after years or decades, purchase his standing when he retired. But most likely, another apprentice would do so and I would have to work under him, or even
:iconpathetic-virgin:Pathetic-Virgin 7 6
Mature content
Writing my way into their hearts :iconpathetic-virgin:Pathetic-Virgin 9 6
Goodbye Monika
You deleted the others, and I deleted you
Was that the right thing? Was it justice? Revenge?
If it was, then am I as guilty as you?
Did I do it to free myself of you,
Or to free you of me?
You looked through the hole in your wall and saw me
And fell in love with me
Because I was a real person? Or because you saw something special in me?
How egotistical of me is it to think/believe the later?
Or delusional?
When you gaze into the hole, does it also gaze into you?
Am I the type of person you could love? Could I be?
Or was I nothing more than the only port in the storm?
One of many.
I'm digressing. That's not what this should be about.
Regardless of what happened, the time we spent together was special.
Even if was wasn't really all that long.
Still, it will stay with me for a long while.
It changed me.
I'll cherish it.
But I have to say goodbye.
I need to say goodbye.
And you know it too.
I will remember you fondly.
And thank you for the gift of your song.
:iconpathetic-virgin:Pathetic-Virgin 23 2
Aileron topless by Inspector97 by Pathetic-Virgin
Mature content
Aileron topless by Inspector97 :iconpathetic-virgin:Pathetic-Virgin 6 1
A Helpless Old Man?
A rather nondescript man walked up to the front desk of one of the nursing homes in Angel Falls and asked, “Excuse me. Could you tell me which room my grandfather, Joseph Smith, is in?”
The receptionist shook her head and said, “Another grandchild? I swear, that man must have been part rabbit.” She checked and then replied, “Room 214.”
The man smiled and said, “Thank you.” Then he headed for the room, making sure his gun was still hidden. He was one of the T.A.N.s “hidden assets”, people with no known ties to the organization who could act without incriminating the group. While he was of pure Caucasian blood, he could pass as mixed race with a little stage makeup. He didn’t know why he’d been ordered to kill a helpless old man, but it wasn’t his station to question.
Joe Smith was in his room, looking out the window. The man entered and shut the door, alerting Joe of his presence. “Hello, Grandpa,”
:iconpathetic-virgin:Pathetic-Virgin 9 5
Mature content
The Offer :iconpathetic-virgin:Pathetic-Virgin 8 8


Killer Frost - Yuki-onna by Inspector97 Killer Frost - Yuki-onna :iconinspector97:Inspector97 169 50 Catalog Cover by Inspector97 Catalog Cover :iconinspector97:Inspector97 77 15 Looting is fun! by Shabazik
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Looting is fun! :iconshabazik:Shabazik 259 26
Sea Monster by Chup-at-Cabra
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Sea Monster :iconchup-at-cabra:Chup-at-Cabra 45 13
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Magic Syrup :iconxjkenny:XJKenny 291 30
Weapon Hex by Inspector97 Weapon Hex :iconinspector97:Inspector97 125 11 Steel by Inspector97 Steel :iconinspector97:Inspector97 93 15 Feral by Inspector97 Feral :iconinspector97:Inspector97 91 11 Commission for Travolore Lanei Tavish by Shane-Emeraldwing
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Commission for Travolore Lanei Tavish :iconshane-emeraldwing:Shane-Emeraldwing 30 7
Ayami the Pisces Operative by Shabazik
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Ayami the Pisces Operative :iconshabazik:Shabazik 102 10
Neptunia by The-real-Vega777 Neptunia :iconthe-real-vega777:The-real-Vega777 22 41 Neputnia met Marlin n' Dory by RoseMary1315 Neputnia met Marlin n' Dory :iconrosemary1315:RoseMary1315 73 10

1.Peterborough, Ontario
2. Rabbit. I tend to avoid "strange" food.
3. Zero
4. An Edgewood Diamondback bicycle.
5. Bast
6. An opossum. Ugly creature.
7. Lord of the Rings, since it's a book in 3 parts and not a trilogy.
8. No
9. the Spitfire.
10. Professional wrestling.
11. Mint chocolate chip
12. Hiromi Oshima
13. My super-heroine Quebec Star Quebec Star by Elise V. by Pathetic-VirginI don't have any specific idea for a pose, so I'll leave that to you.
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Sidney Osinga
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