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Obscure Character Spotlight: Mekanique by Pathetic-Virgin
Mature content
Obscure Character Spotlight: Mekanique :iconpathetic-virgin:Pathetic-Virgin 7 7
PolyBull 2015 by Pathetic-Virgin PolyBull 2015 :iconpathetic-virgin:Pathetic-Virgin 1 0 PolyBull 2016 by Pathetic-Virgin PolyBull 2016 :iconpathetic-virgin:Pathetic-Virgin 4 2 Obscure Character Spotlight: Vera Gemini by Pathetic-Virgin Obscure Character Spotlight: Vera Gemini :iconpathetic-virgin:Pathetic-Virgin 8 1
Attack of the Shraou!
"There it is," the pink skinned ozcurilla said as she pointed across the pasture. "The apple tree. Come on, Grink!"
"I don't know, Sarfa," the ozcurillo replied. Although he was about a year and a half younger than his sister, he was slightly taller. "What if the farmer catches us?"
"Pffh," she huffed. "The hoo-man farmer's too fat and stupid to catch sneaky Ozcuras like us. Of course, you're only HALF Ozcura," she added nastily before wriggling through the fence.
Grink bit his lower lip. He could have pointed out that she was half-Ozcura too, and that his skin was actually greyer than hers, but knew that she wouldn't listen, so he just followed.
The two young grey orcs carefully snuck across the field, as if there were anything else than disinterested grazing nannies to observe them. They reached the base of the tree and Sarfa began to think of how to climb the tree when a loud snort was heard. She turn and loudly shushed her brother, but he shook his head and held his hands up to sho
:iconpathetic-virgin:Pathetic-Virgin 7 4
Sew-Lee the Renegade in Town part 3
I slowly got dressed and then took some time to gather my strength before gathering the rest of my belongings and setting out. As I was heading up the stairs, I surprised an acolyte coming down. Before he could recover, I shoved my sword into his chest. He sank down, dead, and I continued on my way.
I eased my way into the hall the stairs led to, making sure no one was there. Heading to the left, I found a kitchen, luckily empty. Quickly entering, I began to eat. Although my instinct was to eat as much as I could, I restrained myself since that would make me sick. I located a sack and put bread, cheese, and dried meat and fruit in it for my journey.
When I had enough, I overturned the lamp in the room before leaving. I didn't know how to leave, but figured I'd eventually find an exit if I kept wandering. I encountered a couple more acolytes, but I took care of them in short order. I kept going, since the fire within me that was driving me on would last only so long, so I had to cover a
:iconpathetic-virgin:Pathetic-Virgin 4 1
Cheerleader Mina Ashido by Inspector97 by Pathetic-Virgin Cheerleader Mina Ashido by Inspector97 :iconpathetic-virgin:Pathetic-Virgin 8 1 Dragonel by Inspector97 by Pathetic-Virgin Dragonel by Inspector97 :iconpathetic-virgin:Pathetic-Virgin 4 0 Quebec Star By Penguin Commando by Pathetic-Virgin
Mature content
Quebec Star By Penguin Commando :iconpathetic-virgin:Pathetic-Virgin 11 0
Quebec Star By Luna2528cp by Pathetic-Virgin Quebec Star By Luna2528cp :iconpathetic-virgin:Pathetic-Virgin 5 0 Sew-Lee and Thanna by Inspector97 by Pathetic-Virgin
Mature content
Sew-Lee and Thanna by Inspector97 :iconpathetic-virgin:Pathetic-Virgin 17 3
Mature content
Sew-Lee the Renegade in Town part 2: Ordeal :iconpathetic-virgin:Pathetic-Virgin 4 5
Invisible Woman and Invisible Man vs. the Ghost by Pathetic-Virgin Invisible Woman and Invisible Man vs. the Ghost :iconpathetic-virgin:Pathetic-Virgin 4 4
Sew-Lee the Renegade in town part 1
It was evening and I was relaxing after having ate dinner. Most of my wives were working on various tasks while Thanna, my main ozcura, was nursing our son, who had been born two weeks earlier. When I first saw the grey-pink baby, I'd jokingly referred to his complexion as "grink". Thanna, however, thought that was what I was naming him, and so had insisted on calling him that since then.
Kruzh, the oldest of my adopted daughters, who had been playing outside, entered the hut and said, "Daddy Sew-Lee, there's someone outside looking for you." Then she grabbed a piece of bread.
I got up and exited the hut. The sun had gone down, but there was still enough light for me to see the two women waiting for me. One, with white hair, pointed ears, and dark skin, was obviously a drow elf. The other was a succubus, with wings and small horns on her forehead. The drow said, "You are the human named Soule?"
"I'm not human," I replied steadily. After the attack that had led me to this village, I'd d
:iconpathetic-virgin:Pathetic-Virgin 8 3
Mature content
the Challenge :iconpathetic-virgin:Pathetic-Virgin 4 2
Sew-Lee the Renegade by TrekkieGal by Pathetic-Virgin Sew-Lee the Renegade by TrekkieGal :iconpathetic-virgin:Pathetic-Virgin 5 2


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1.Peterborough, Ontario
2. Rabbit. I tend to avoid "strange" food.
3. Zero
4. An Edgewood Diamondback bicycle.
5. Bast
6. An opossum. Ugly creature.
7. Lord of the Rings, since it's a book in 3 parts and not a trilogy.
8. No
9. the Spitfire.
10. Professional wrestling.
11. Mint chocolate chip
12. Hiromi Oshima
13. My super-heroine Quebec Star Quebec Star by Elise V. by Pathetic-VirginI don't have any specific idea for a pose, so I'll leave that to you.
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Sidney Osinga
Current Residence: Kitchener



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