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Hi everyone! Wow, I'm surprised my Devart account has been getting traffic after all this time. I'll try to x-post updates on the "Imaginary" comic as they come here, now that I know people are checking here.

Yeah, it's been too long since I've updated the comic, due mostly to the workload in Graduate school. But I have not abandoned the project, and I have about ~5-6 unfinished pages ready to be shaded and typeset once I get back to my real computer (and my Cintiq) this August.

In the meantime, I've been tweaking and rewriting some of Imaginary's script- (Some revisions were badly needed), and because of that, I think I'll be able to deliver on the story and characters a lot better than I have been in the early pages (which were really just me figuring some basics out).
I have been too long from posting on DA again, I realize, but I do have an excuse. I have been working for the past year or so on doing the groundwork to build a comic with my graphic storytelling professor. It's something I've been wanting to do for four years, but never got the work together enough to get under way.

The comic is now updating regularly at: :)

I also -do- have a new Animation that I will be uploading shortly.

Things have been hectic lately, preparing to graduate in the next week and enter into the working world. Still, I'll try to be more active about putting my projects up here!

Thanks again to everyone that looked at and enjoyed Kodoku. :D
Thanks again to all who commented on the Kodoku project! I never would have expected it to get a DD.
Thanks especially to those who weren't afraid to tear it down and offer some in-depth criticism. I read through everything (Even if I didn't reply to most), and I agree with the points that everyone brought up. :) The sound was done in three days on a laptop, late-night during finals, and isn't really my speciality, so I can understand how that would catch most people up. For the most part in looking back on the project I blanch at alot of the "problem areas" in the animation- and I think I've learned from it, and my next animated project will be better for it.

In other news- I have two independent studies coming up this year with my graphic storytelling and animation professors. My lack-in-uploading is because there is -A LOT- of concept and scratch-work that I've been doing to prepare for those projects come fall.

There's too much of it to really muss with scanning, so I'll be waiting until I'm ready to upload some more finalized concepts before I update here again.

I'll be trying to build off of what I learned doing the Kodoku project to make something with a soft-bodied model, this time focusing on facial expression and animation. That- and old people are awesome. B)
I promise, I'm still here. Not much new art because I am working an internship this summer, and preparing the first 25 pages of my Comic.

That -does- mean, however, that soon I'll have 25 uploads. xD But.. in the meantime, here's some random-fun to tide me over.

Action poses are great to draw. ^-^
Yes, I know it's been way too long since I have updated here, but I promise you it's not because I havn't been working! =D
Most of the things here are hideously outdated, but I will try to start putting copies of my new artwork up on Devart for the roundabout commentary.

In other news, I now have my own website up and running, where you can find my NEW work, as well as commissions. 8) <-- (Teh Site. www.

I really liked the name, until I discovered that I was inadvertently stepping on the toes of the treeRing society. (Believe it or not, there is actually a society devoted to studying tree rings. Yes, those things you see when you cut a tree down and look at the inside of the trunk.) I won't pass judgement on that, but I think I like my own tree ring well enough to keep with the theme and the domain name. =o

In any case, the site is up and running with my updated Gallery, my Resume, and my commissions page. New art that I do I will attempt to upload here, but is a more reliable place to go looking for the artwork.

If you like something in the gallery that you think should be put on Devart, leave a comment here and I'll add it in. =)
Hnn, I havn't been here in a good long while. On the up-side, I do have alot of new (and unmeasurably better) artwork that I've been churning out for portfolios.

I've also been hard at work planning the plotline for a graphic novel project I intend to take on over the course of the next several years, so my Digi-art time has been pretty limited otherwise.
Over the course of the next few weeks I'll be regularly updating with portfolio pieces as I get the chance to scan them- the Dragon is just the first of about 12.

Anyways, time to get back to writing! Enjoy!
Feh. Once again boredom has driven me to update this. *feels proactive*

Okay! So. Life's been busy, trying to get back ontop of work / schoolwork etc. after a week of being dead. There's my excuse for the scant updates x.x That and having a small social life, and the fact that I've started up an old Roleplay (yet again) has been cutting into my doodling time. Please pardon the pencil sketches X.x
Hmm.. Well my mindset right now is 'sit here long enough and see what spews out of my synapses at 2:30 AM.' It sounds good to me at the time, though I'll probably wake up and be frightened by myself... again. o.o
Anyway, I am finally appreciating how slow free days can go. Now that all the summer jobs, family trips, and camps are done with, there isn't much else to do than work on drawing, and contemplate my impending doom at the end of the month. I did get a picture done for one of my friends from a game today, though. It's the first time I've ever tried anything quite that... origional o.o
Ugh. Well, I am sitting here, trying to ignore my calendar and the fact that classes will be starting soon. (Just when I was getting used to the concept of free time) Ths list of things to do are starting to pile up, so I'm going to have to start to get cracking on it. Hopefully I'll still have the time to update my site frequently o.<