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Camped within Carroc Fields by pathen Camped within Carroc Fields by pathen
This is a picture without a story. Honestly, that's probably what drove me to finish it. I like making things that I don't know the story of. The viewer is apparently at an abandoned archway about a mile out from some kind of walled city.

From this distance, it's difficult to tell if the city is burning, if the torches are alight because of a festival, or if this is a view of an army camped within the ruins of Carroc Fields.

I have no idea, so any input about where or what this could be depicting are welcome and appreciated. :)

Hopefully I'll have the picture that I -intentionally- started finished soon, of which this was a byproduct.

By the by, this is also the first piece I have uploaded that never began as a sketch. From start to finish, this was all done more or less ad-libbing in Photoshop, so the style is pretty sketchy. Any input about techniques (particularly in color management) would be appreciated. :D

(Edit: Touched up the sky layer to add in a bit more contrast after seeing it on a different monitor.)
Junrei Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2008
Love it!

I also have a piece that started without a story... but for this years Graphic Storytelling class (hint as to who I am.....) I decided to build a story for it.
Well... its not entirely true that the piece started without a story... but I knew there was one there.

The piece is called "The Lonely Path". I'm happy that it has managed to inspire me to perhaps my first decent story....
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