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Hi everyone, it has been a while since our last update, sorry for not being very active recently. (we're lacking in manpower)
Since we've introduced our upcoming title Super Buckyball Tournament (SBT) last week, think is about time to upload artworks here, hope you guys like it. 
So we haven't updated our DeviantArt account in forever. That's our fault, we kinda, sorta forgot. It doesn't help that this site was blocked by the Great Firewall of China for a bit (and our studio is in China). Anyway, now that we're back, we'll be updating this often with all of our artworks. We have several projects on going, so there will be lots of artworks. :)
Hi, everyone, we're Pathea Games, a small indie game studio based in Memphis, USA and Chongqing , China (heck yeah, we're already international!). We're opening this DeviantArt page because we have produced a lot of pretty decent artwork (in our biased opinion) and we want to share it.

This will also allow some of you aspiring professional artists to get a look at what it takes to produce games and maybe other entertainment types (albeit at a pretty small scale). We're going to try to be very honest in our postings, so you're not going to just see too many marketing posters. Instead, we'll post really crappy sketches as well, haha. For each piece, we'll try to discuss the thought process that went through until the final outcome.

We're currently working on several games. The major one is called "Planet Explorers," its a smooth voxel based sandbox adventure RPG for the PC, so most of the current artwork will be for this game. The game is in open alpha right now, so if you like the artwork, go check out the game as well ( ;) Another game is called Little Zoologist, which should be hitting the Apple App Store in a couple of weeks, the art for this one is very colorful and friendly. Then there's another iOS fantasy/steampunk RPG (just started pre-production, so will see art soon!) and a fashion game.

Anyway, that's all for now, 'til next time!