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My Legend of Zelda - New picture has reached over 1000 views. Awesome!
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Well well, this year has already been an eventful one. Many good, and some terribly difficult things have happened just within this month. To the good:

- Been drawing much more.
- losing some weight! (I think)
- I am engaged to my wonderful best friend :D
- Was a featured artist… at the Orlando Science Center's Otronicon 2011
- Many prospective shows to come this year!
- Drawing WAY much more. (did I mention this already?)
- Saved the best for last - My love for God's much stronger than ever!
- On a hiatus from World of Warcraft - although this could be considered a bad thing too, depending on where you stand. Plus I miss playing with my Dad)

The bad, unfortunately:

- still not back in Orlando.
- No regular 40 hr/week job, despite application after application sent.
- The biggest news to impact my family's life, though, is the news of my mom being diagnosed with lung cancer. Even to this day it is still difficult to fathom, so I try to keep myself from thinking about it too much. To help with this, I focus solely on taking care of my mother, making sure she eats and drinks when she needs to, keeping track of when she takes her medicine, and just be a positive influence in her life. It's difficult and scary at times to deal with the reality of the situation, but I know I will see her through and make sure she makes a full recovery.

So there you have it! I have many ideas in store for art ideas and I hope my skills and portfolio continue to improve and grow. Already a month in and I feel like this year is gonna be a fight for change, and I'm gonna throw down :D
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We're quite a bit past the halfway mark in 2010, but hey, I'm posting more drawings and drawing more! Have quite a few life changes but that comes with life...good things are to come ;)
One of my resolutions, an important one at least, is to start drawing more. So, I will be putting up more drawings on here. Stay tuned! ;)
Hello everyone in my venture out to Deviant Art. I've been meaning to make a page for a long while now, but I just never really had the time or motivation to do so. I feel like my work that I post, for now, will be a hodgepodge of different media, different styles, and all that, but my number one love has always been and will always be drawing. So, as I get more of my drawings up here, I'll post them for everyone to see. But for now, it's gonna be unusual stuff like 3D models, vector art, digital painting, and the like. I hope to meet some nice people on here =P