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applejack standing again

By Patec
The scene is from S1E10 "Swarm of the Century"

MLP:FiM © by Hasbro

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Things other people made with this vector:

picture (recolor)
picture "Applejack Generations"

This vector is also part of the game "Welcome to Ponyville" (Act 1).
Check it out at
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© 2012 - 2021 Patec
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I used your vector: here
AusKeldeo's avatar
Used and credited here.
ewolyeroc's avatar
Used your vector in a video and made sure to give you credit in the description.
Bubble-Deer's avatar
I hope you don't mind, but I traced this, Don't worry! I gave credit and a link back to here! Heres the link to the picture… I REALLY hope it's okay that I traced it ^^;
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Can i use this as a base in an InkScape project? I am VERY bad at MLP so far.... ^^; 
Exlaa's avatar
Thanks you!! :D
Stellar-Ponies's avatar
Would it be alright if I could make bases from this and the Pinkamena vector? Credit given, of course. c8
FlutterDash75's avatar
Hi,I used your vectors Here…

Thank You Much^^
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Used, thanks a ton! :)
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This looks really great! Thanks for sharing! :thumbsup:
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Patec's avatar
nice :)
added it to my list
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Hi, I used it here [link]
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Yay, I found this used in the Welcome to Ponyville (Act 1) sim-game thingy! Had to look alot around DA but I found it! <3
Patec's avatar
what? really?
Woah, I have to check this out!

thank you :D
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It's set up like a visual novel, it's really cool. Every pony has a voice actor/actress.
Patec's avatar
Yeah, i played it now.
It's fantastic.
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