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***UPDATED*** Blueberry + Alternate versions

By PatchYEAH
Hey guys, so a few small commissions later and there's now a couple more variations to the Blueberry animation!

Blueberry Original

Blueberry Popping

Greenberry Farting

Orange(berry?) also farting

All of these new animations also have a full sound mix so if you'd like to get your hands on them, I only ask for a small donation of any amount you feel I deserve! Now, I know not all of them are for everyone so that's why if you donate whatever you get access to them all!
 Infinite Lenny (Chat emote) 

(Don't forget to click the yellow "Return to Patchworks" button to get the download link!) 

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balloonking99's avatar

when she pops, is she still alive? She didn’t seem to have any internal organs in the video when she popped?

Unculturedfat's avatar
Can you link me to this?
Darkbrother321's avatar
Would you mind updating the links?
okayokayokok's avatar
that's great! i really like the juice effects- those look so good. I would like to see her end up more like a spherical blueberry by the end, but the way you imagined it is great. Very nice
This is incredible!!
NestieBot's avatar
Nice Videos Dude :D 
Skunkelton-Bunkelton's avatar
I'm no fan of inflation but those fart effects are to die for! I'm definitely donating later so I can hear that pungent song!
befree2209's avatar
There was a split frame in the plain berry version where the transition wasn't smooth. That, and the farting looks more like smoke than anything.
Amazing stuff! I wasn't sure the audio would add much, but you do a great job handling the mix and making everything line up with the animation! Definitely worth it to get the audio!
hey, do you have a copy of the sound version? I donated a dollar and idk if he's still around.
Enderald38's avatar
Saved to camera roll... Great job!
Otakvfvrry's avatar
Freaking Glorious
Oohhhhhh just ohhhhhhhhhhhhh that was interesting definitely have to watch more for :research"
Zombie-Spartan's avatar
PatchYEAH! This is a gift :D
Supahdoge's avatar
LoquaciousJango's avatar
THis is...REALLY good. You have my slow clap of approval and a sideways dirty glance. I should donate....hmm.
Femaleforcefeeder's avatar
Dude, you're like the only person that has ever shown the berry girls leaky (and gushy) pussy. Thankyou for being a perv! XD
Femaleforcefeeder's avatar
My God, I pray that the noise makes me has horny as the video.
SushiForKids's avatar
The green one, at the end, looks more like smog. Kinda the same with the orange.
But i love it!
10/10, would inflate again.
It's really disturbing how young the girls look.
befree2209's avatar
When she popped i was like :o (Eek) 
vanDUO's avatar
couchpotato1234's avatar
Is it possible to still purchase this?
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