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summer staring at the wasp in the room
                             mkay, i should really go  }
 {  byeeee
 {  good night!
 {  see ya soon
 {  ttyl darling <3
:iconpatchworklynx:PatchworkLynx 22 11
mother's skinning ginger
and i've become so bitter.
i'm brimming with vengeance and nowhere to stab it,
every slash and broken line just another tilt toward
madness / so look, love (haven't i said that before?)
i don't write about god and the only form of
kisses i give are fearful touches to crystal's forehead
and napkins stained with waxberries and wine.
the concept of spring is just too damn dirty; i miss the
eyes i had in winter. better to shiver and have enough
plans to smile than lie still with the static and music.
between dishes and worry and wind-snapped laundry,
my ideas tangle with hair at the end of the broom,
the men on television and ruin and despair...
i don't think in lyrics anymore.
"It’s not enough to say the heart wants what it
wants. I think of the ravine, the side dark with pines
where we lounged through summer days, waiting for
something to happen; and of the nights,
walking the
:iconpatchworklynx:PatchworkLynx 53 31
in my youth i lived / in oblivion
everything is still a math problem.
i.   two scorpions in a bottle
the first one i nicknamed icarus, the
second i waited until she was dead
to name her / and by then
i was too late.
everything is quasi una fantasia, almost a
dream, but there is no such thing
as a sleeping poet, so i must be
hallucinating / elucidating the truth
behind the shadows of my youth.
ii.   bottle full of venom
so i drew my heart with dry erase marker
but the dust collecting on the picture frame
is hardly part of the sketch.
when i was younger, too, all i knew how to
doodle were cats; now i use a camera
to capture a portrait of a cat eating a flower,
of a copperhead, diamondback, cottonmouth
from a distance because no /
hell no i won't admit that i'm afraid of myself,
no sooner than i might have ornithophobia
and befriend a falcon / just show me a
good story about treble haunting,
hunting for trouble at hour xvi and
a half / don't you know the best time
for cruelty is the peak of t
:iconpatchworklynx:PatchworkLynx 28 10
and you fit in my puzzle piece heart
build all gates this way,
and only the good spirits will enter.
yesterday we saw fireflies. rising stars of a twilight dimness,
they tell me nothing is forever. and my dreams were deep
and i set down yesterday in my sleep, not yet a piece of the past.
every memory is sacred. in writing them down,
i put it down. i stop carrying it. i become allowed to forget.
i will not.
pray this way,
face the dawn and thank god
you're still breathing.

so a handful of the friends we found all those years ago have walked on to elsewhere, some of them still showing off, going out and glowing up and drawing blanks on who we were, or the idea that we ever were. that doesn't mean i plan to leave behind their names and voices, or the shapes of their smiles. the stars in their eyes.
i'm taking you all with me, you hear?
so this is the end of the freaking world, so you and i are still laughing at all the world's weird humor while it lasts, and i assure you it's go
:iconpatchworklynx:PatchworkLynx 14 10
double blind
i ask myself not / to tell the whole truth
so part of the future stays ( empty )
love, i feel rather than see / and
there's a girl i know who dances
like she's made of antigravity /
but that's the start of a story which
so far hasn't found me.
my second crush was colorblind
but the first one was worse, he
wouldn't disappear / so i was first to
leave / but i lingered in the doorway for six
longing years / if he ever thought of me
is all i wanted to know / after i made the
mistake of not saying goodbye / of not braving
a hello / and so i've missed his smile / 
for all this time
the past is so full.
(games kids used to play:
jump rope and sing the alphabet,
twist the stem of an apple
and say a letter each turn.
when you trip, when it snaps,
whoever you like, that's the
start of their name.)
it's not as if he sees only gray
yet i'm mostly monochrome anyway
you know the way i lean)
but the sky blue calligraphy
:iconpatchworklynx:PatchworkLynx 22 9
be prepared to brake
if i keep my eyes on the road and the radio's
too low, after this song you can turn it up
and between red lights, explain to me
where do you want to go?
you slouch against the seat and
i ask again. finally you shake your head
and say
one day i was playing with gears—
a broken watch, y'know—when a single
cog cracked and i could never put it back

i shrugged and answered so, what? the thing
was already useless when it was intact.
and another time i learned how hydraulics work,
how they're sorta hypnotically fascinating to see;
i tried to build some, but i couldn't stop a leak

then i felt myself grin. you were a physics kid.
and if my eyes weren't on the road i would
have looked at you when you said / so
i don't know where i want to go
but i want to make something unbreakable

and i don't remember your eyes but your voice
is still with me. i slouch in my chair and notice
oh the spanish class clock is stuck at five forty-four
so the p
:iconpatchworklynx:PatchworkLynx 19 11
xvi and a half
i smolder in my ire from morning
through night and i don't know how
to convince you to care, but fine!
the wrath's all mine; i'm not part
of his pride. & suppose the phoenix
rose a water snake — this hate is
a fire choking on its own smoke.
:iconpatchworklynx:PatchworkLynx 17 4
copperhead, diamondback, cottonmouth
open your mouth to the world and watch it back away
viper versus someone taller,
your splitjaw fangs are
small / & sharp
                    v  icious
                    v  enemous
            ver  y
until you meet your match.
rattler risking getting stepped on,
you hold your tail high and stiff
splotched with bronze scales / with
criss-cross armor / hard and
danger coded.
shake to the warning—
coral / ring-necked / sunbeam snake
you were born like this and can't escape.
laugh and show your teeth for me /
this is the dream, and no one leaves.
i'll tell you a secret.
     second-guessing is a learned reflex;
  i didn't get good at poetry until i got hurt
and i translate 
 golosina means
:iconpatchworklynx:PatchworkLynx 18 0
embroidered chrysanthemums
spring means almost summer means
ginseng and green tea,
zong zi, sticky brown rice wrapped
in bamboo leaves
:iconpatchworklynx:PatchworkLynx 21 4
this is not a violent memory
some things involve punching and you can be fond of them.
homemade bread, for one.
mother doesn't count the measurements
so neither do we / she kneads in green onion
and talks over the television /
teaches me to eye the spoonful of flour,
the pinch of salt and once the dough has risen
we take turns holding the rolling pin.
brother and i rip pieces of the bread when
it's still hot / so when we sit down at the table
with the sweet tang of tofu, of
leafy greens and gold mangos and nectarine
and cherries, i curl my
washed fingers around a glass
/ and nothing about it is unsteady.
:iconpatchworklynx:PatchworkLynx 23 10
candied oranges
  citrine sugar fruit
lustrous like rock candy
  — chewable crystals
   sprinkled with diamonds
:iconpatchworklynx:PatchworkLynx 18 2
scent pressing
quinn, you were right about the shadows.
the flowers my friends gave me after the
recital still fill our kitchen with lily perfume
and vibrant white-streaked rose petals,
but they've started to drop to the granite
counter, stem by piece and leaf by leaf.
i gathered them and put them between
pages of a textbook, to make good memories
dried into silk scraps of pigment — lush red
and candy pink. i'm not sure what i'll
do with them, but while my mother changes
the water in the vases, i don't need to decide
quite yet. so someone i once loved and later
killed is back in my life, leaning against the wall
and offering a smile, and his application essay
reads itself with his voice in my head as though
we never left. and i know he'll do well next
year, leading the charge like we would together
back when life was just a game of tag. i wish
i could say together again, but at least we had
what we had. true spring is climbing the stairs
:iconpatchworklynx:PatchworkLynx 16 2
song to the moon
now you may start over.
        smiling at the faint light
a writer sits under her lover's window
    as the horizon flares
  luminous craters & freckles
     blow a kiss to
the softness and charcoal darkness
        setting the sky centered around a glow
    the sun
            has given the world to
                    the moon
       two runaways stand in a tile-roofed pagoda
hold the ends of the wishbone and never pull
            wishing they could
    remain there forever.
            even though promises won't
        try to survive
minutes drip on
  golijov, the knights, azul
 she shimmers in a pool
:iconpatchworklynx:PatchworkLynx 22 10
it was sundown in winter and the birds
were coming back / long rivers of black
dotting orange and blue
they're beautiful / i sighed / they
go too soon
watching the horizon / you whispered to me / 
a bird is a dragon is a snake
is a demon / the monsters are everywhere and 
we just don't see them
i shook my head no and stared into the
sun / and said look at people run
when they're deep asleep dreaming / the
demons in the world are found
only where we are / the running is endless
when the monsters are us
:iconpatchworklynx:PatchworkLynx 18 4
love the world like i should
the promise drums on my tongue
 & i feel it in my heart and lungs:
                 i'll be kind. i'm okay.
i'll be good today.
:iconpatchworklynx:PatchworkLynx 15 1
portrait of a cat eating a flower
tail playing with the wind
and face down in green, she
picks a hollow dandelion stem
between pointed teeth
:iconpatchworklynx:PatchworkLynx 20 5


Watercolor Study by ladyofthemanor Watercolor Study :iconladyofthemanor:ladyofthemanor 96 37
19. soul candle
there is no easy way
to write it out: i think
i have forgotten you.
i dream     in the city where
you died in the city there
is room for remembering but
i was too young then & now
my body worlds around the rooms
in these buildings & not around
the holes you left because
i never knew you like that. & when
i find dimes in the hallways there
is nothing else to be done but
warm them in my palm &
pretend i feel something
i want to say i am not
searching for the
sun you covered up
& i'm sorry
when she lights the wick
i lose the words
:iconpeaseblossoms:peaseblossoms 28 12
My mother gave me a flower, said
it would only bloom when my heart
was broken. I thought it was a curse.
I watched it grow, leaf after leaf
unfurling into pink-tinged skies
and lonely nights. My first love
turned me (upside) down.
He tumbled into another’s arms,
and the plant shivered an inch
upwards by morning.
I never watered it, hated it like an
unwelcome guest. I once poured
boiling tea into its roots but
the stem only sighed for a week
and recovered. I met a boy with
a talent for making things grow
and the flower halted its ascent.
We talked across continents and
seasons, telephone lines like
tightropes. I lost my balance.
A new leaf-bud began to swell.
She asked me about it, the plant
on my windowsill. It had grown
outwards and upwards, a shrub
of generic shape and temperament.
I told her about its trick, the secret
to it blooming. She laughed, said
“as long as you hold my hand,
there won’t be any flowers.”
It didn’t take long for the first
new buds
:iconcomatose-comet:comatose-comet 19 9
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fleeting highs and temporary forevers
i’m over her before i get the guts to tell her it was real and now it’s not real anymore and it’s a dream. i remember being delirious on that feeling. staring at her like oxygen tanks and like i was 15 again and staying up to cry over her boyfriends and one-night stands and today she laughed at me while i paid my library fines & yeah, i’m a wreck and she gets it, yeah, this was never love but i kinda miss it. i wish she’d been my first kiss but now she’s just a what if, an “in another universe” and everything happens in the other universes, nothing happens here, and i’m tired of it. i feel less hungry and more tired, though. when she smiles at me, my heart doesn’t stop. i smile back at her. i’ll always love her but i guess i don’t want her, and that’s good. it’s good to hit max level. to lean against her and for this friendship to be enough.
:iconpansydiv:pansydiv 21 8
autumn cats by snatti89 autumn cats :iconsnatti89:snatti89 1,530 75 sunshine over suicide. by pansydiv sunshine over suicide. :iconpansydiv:pansydiv 18 15



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